Hola Familia

July 19, 2013 – MTC in Provo, UT, USA

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

Wow! What an exciting week it has been! Well, really only two days. You guys probably don’t even miss me yet. Which is very apparent because no one wrote me. 😉 My P day is Friday and I would love to hear from y’all before then. I take that back, Mom literally just wrote me an email. We haven’t gotten any real mail because our District Leader collects it and he was just assigned yesterday. In my package could you please send me a pair of looser fitting exercise pants? Mine are spandex-y and I didn’t realize that would be a problem. Size small, need to cover my knees. I really want to follow all the rules here.

My stay at the MTC so far has been a really wonderful and humbling experience! My two companions are Hermana Cooper (who went to Highland. How funny is that??) and Hermana Shurtleff from Provo. They are such sweet sisters and I feel so blessed to have them as my companions! We have had such a wonderful time getting to know one another and growing closer as we draw closer to the Lord. How lucky am I to have a tripanionship!! What a blessing. I have already learned so much from these sisters. We get along wonderfully and I know I will be sad to leave them in 6 weeks.

Right from the start we had Spanish todos los dias en la clase [every day in class]. Our teacher speaks only Spanish and has a thick Mexican accent which makes his Spanish easier to understand than his English anyway! Haha. He’s a very good teacher and I feel very blessed to have Brother Toledo. Our class has my tripanionship and another Elder tripanionship and we make up a district. Our district has about 7? 8? companionships. I actually have no idea because we haven’t been all together yet I think? I’ll see on Sunday. In our class we teach our first investigator on Saturday. Our district got it good. We have P day today, which is rare for a first week, so we have an extra day to prepare materials for our first lesson! It’s great to be in a tripanionship because we can split up the work a lot. We have so much to learn! I was really surprised though. It only took me about half an hour to begin understanding about 80-90% of what my teacher says. All the Spanish I learned in high school is pretty much back and I’m learning so much new information as well! I know that the Lord has blessed me and my companions to be able to understand and to learn so much in another language. We all are intermediate Spanish and it has been a great blessing to be just immersed in the language all the time. I’ve really been surprised how much I have learned in just one day of class. The Lord has blessed us so much. My companionship has been working on praying together in Spanish, memorizing My Purpose, and reading the scriptures. There are lots more things to learn and to memorize and to do as well. I’m so excited for the coming weeks and all that I will learn!

Yesterday was my first day of gym. We had women’s yoga in the morning which was fabulous and then played volleyball later in the morning. Literally within the first five minutes of gym I got NAILED right between the eyes with a volleyball. Oh my goodness it was soooooo funny! Hahahaha I was dying. I felt really bad for the Elder that hit me though; he quit the game after that. I’m pretty sure I get hit in the head with every ball game I’ve ever played. The last three times I have played a game with a ball it has happened. Good times 🙂

They’ve already turned me into a piano slave here because I’m one of 3 sisters who can play piano. And I might be doing a harp special musical number in the coming weeks because the MTC has access to a harp!! How exciting! I love to share my testimony through music. What a great opportunity. We have a great president, President Tyler, and I’ve already learned so much from him. His wife was a music major too, vocalist, so she’s really excited to have me to share music with her.

I had a really humbling experience last night. We had a big introduction meeting with the Branch Presidency and got to know everyone. My branch is amazing and I am so lucky to be here with them. Especially the sisters. All of them received revelation to come on a mission and make great sacrifices to be here. I was made senior companion for my tripanionship, and then our tripanionship was made Sister Training Leaders! I am so excited for this opportunity and very humbled that the Lord feels we are capable of being leaders. I know this will be such a great learning experience that I can draw strength from in the field. It will definitely help me to be more focused and to check my actions at all times to ensure that I am setting a good example. We are so lucky to work with these sisters!

My companionship and I set really meaningful metas (goals) for this week to help us better ourselves. They include: speaking Spanish only until companionship planning in the evening (we have already greatly increased our fluency in the language just by talking about every day things), learning the first lesson this week and all the vocab included therein, reading El Libro de Mormon every night together, and praying in Spanish each night together. We have a few others as well, specifically focused on our roles as leaders, and others to be completed by the end of our stay at the MTC. These include: being unified as a companionship in teaching, speaking only in Spanish, and being sad when we have to say goodbye! I think these goals are very attainable and worthwhile. I already feel like we are well on our way to obtaining them!

Other news, there were at least 20 missionaries on my flight out to Salt Lake, all going to the MTC. Needless to say, I felt very safe on that plane ride. I’ve seen Elder Bingham, Elder Stone, Sister Priday, some kids from high school and kids from my wards at BYU here at the MTC! It’s been really exciting to see my friends doing all the great things that I’m doing too!

I love you all, hope all is well and that you enjoy the wedding! [cousin Brian] Congratulations on the new baby! [cousin Wes’ new Quinn] What an exciting addition to the family. I bet she’s beautiful. I’m loving it here and can’t wait to get out to Argentina to teach the people. Please pray for visas, there are hundreds of missionaries here waiting for them (including me); however, the Lord knows where I am and where I need to be and where ever I do go, I know it’s the right place. I just want to get out and serve the Lord! But the MTC is great too and I am absolutely loving it.

Con Amor,

Hermana Anderson

PS have fun spell checking this. I tried my best but the keyboard is really hard to use and I press two keys at the same time always.

PPS I couldn’t figure out how to attach pictures. I’ll find out for next week.


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  1. So exciting and wonderful letter. For the exercise stuff,. I would just buy a pair of sweats for her and tell her to cut them off herself. You are sending a package already mom? Wow! You are good.

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