Such a great week! Guau!

July 26, 2013 – MTC in Provo, UT, USA

Familia y Amigos!!

This has been such a great week! Guau! (Wow.) I’ve learned so much it’s crazy! I cannot understate how much I APPRECIATE letters. They are seriously THE BEST. En serio [seriously]. So keep sending them! Dear Elders are nice because I can read them anytime and I have limited computer time. However, expect me to get them 2 days after you send them. So send me your questions Wednesday night and I’ll have it by today. We don’t get mail until the end of the day. But I love letters and hearing about everything that’s going on!

For Nate: I don’t really like chocolate milk, but my companion says it’s really good. The cafeteria food is good but sometimes I’m like, why can’t we just have a salad or something? Then the lunch lady is like, today is especially delicious.

I love love love my companions. I am the luckiest missionary in the world to have a tripanionship and for both of them to be the best missionaries ever. We have such different strengths and we each fulfill a different capacity as STL’s and as teachers. We seriously fit together like puzzle pieces and I love to be with them! We have had so much fun together and have also shared so many beautiful spiritual moments. What a great opportunity this has been!

My branch presidency is awesome. I love them! It’s the only true and living Branch in the MTC, my President always says. I have learned so much from him, his counselors, and their wives. What a great opportunity to learn from such an inspiring man. I swear he has every scripture memorized and he speaks with the power of God. I always have my notebook out when he speaks. He taught a great lesson on recognizing and using the Spirit. Guau.

Spanish is really, really funny. Basically everything you say sounds way better in Spanish. For example, in Spanish, an armpit taco is a sebaco taco. Way funnier, right? When I taught a lesson this week I had a hard time remembering the word “forest” or “grove” so this is how it went.

Me speaking to investigator: “Jose Smith oro en un arbol…. No no no, oro en muchos arboles. No no, un grupo de arboles. No se, no se.”

Translated: Joseph Smith prayed in a tree. No, no, no, prayed in many trees. No no, in a group of trees. I don’t know. I don’t know.

It’s really hard to talk your way around things when you can’t think of the word. Then about a minute later one of the hermanas goes BOSQUE! FOREST IS BOSQUE! It was pretty funny!

One of the Elders this week was trying to say: “Jesucristo murio por nos pecados” Which means Jesus Christ died for our sins. But what he actually said was “Jesucristo murio por nos PEScados.” Which is: Jesus Christ died for our dead fish. It was pretty hilarious.

One thing that is really remarkable is that the scriptures are so much clearer in Spanish. I read something in English, and it’s pretty difficult to understand for the average reader, then I read it in Spanish and the words make so much more sense! I have a goal to get to Alma in the Spanish Libro de Mormon, but I may not be able to meet it because of time restrictions on the STL’s. I’m going to try though!

Í love my teachers! They’re the coolest! I’m so lucky! But my teacher Hermano Toledo is leaving this week and I’m so sad :(. He was the best and I’m going to miss him a lot! We’ve only had one lesson from Hermano Johnston and I’ve already learned a ton!

One thing that is really nice is that I’m the only one who knows what himno we’re about to sing because I can sight read. It’s a really useful skill!

The devos here are awesome and Sundays are amazing!! I feel the Spirit so strongly all the time here in the MTC. Guau!

One experience I had this week really helped me to realize my purpose here. I was teaching my teacher Hermano Toledo and the activity was to challenge him to be baptized. I was going to read a scripture, but I turned to the wrong page. As I was reading I realized that this scripture wasn’t even about baptism and so I wasn’t sure what to do. I was suddenly overcome by an intense feeling from the Spirit. I felt God’s love for His children and how He wants us to return to Him. He is so pleased when we choose to be baptized because that is the gate to the road back to Him. I was so overcome with this feeling of love for God’s children (and because I’m my mother’s daughter) that I just couldn’t hold it all in and I burst into tears! After a moment I bore perhaps the most powerful testimony I’ve ever spoken of God’s love for His children and how we need to be baptized so that we can return to Him. I feel as though I understand better my purpose. My purpose is to: Invitar las personas a venir a Christo [invite people to come to Christ]. I am so excited to get out into the field and share that message! Baptism is such a beautiful and important ordinance! God is so pleased when His children choose to be baptized. I know I’m supposed to be here to share that message with the people of Argentina and Paraguay, and where ever I get assigned in the states.

It just occurred to me that I really want to get assigned to Puerto Rico. That would be sweet. But really I don’t care where I go and me and my companions are super excited to get to have 2 missions!!


Can you send a picture with your tag for the front table?
The computers here don’t like me and won’t let me attach a file. I’ll try again later today.

What’s involved in being an STL and Sr Comp?
A STL is basically like a zone leader just for the girls. We have the responsibility of presiding over them, taking care of them, welcoming the new sisters, and we’re involved in the Branch meetings and work a lot with the zone leaders in taking care of the missionaries and reporting everything to the President. It’s a lot of extra time with meetings and such, but I have grown to love the hermanas here so much and I feel so lucky for my calling. As far as being senior companion goes, since all the decisions are made for us here at the MTC I don’t have to do much. I would report to the STL’s on our progress, but we are the STL’s so… But I guess when we aren’t sure what to do or what direction to take with study or investigators, I have the final say.

Where will others in your class be serving?
We had Elders going to Pocatello and The Dominican, but they moved up to advanced which was super sad! But then we got three new elders all going to Santiago I think. They moved from a beginner class to our intermediate class. That means I’m now one of the best in the class because the ones who are actually good at Spanish left. They’ll be entering the field next week. I’ve still got 5 weeks here, which equals about 5 months. Every day here is a week and every week is a month, but at the same time I feel like I just got here yesterday!

Have you met others who will be serving in Posadas?
There are 3 sisters and 3 Elders in my zone who are going to be serving in Posadas.

How did teaching go on Saturday?
Teaching went really well! We just finished with our first investigator and it went super well! We apparently have the hardest teacher in the Spanish department (which also means we are going to learn the most so I´m super excited). He was our ´investigator’ and said in his teacher notes that we did very, very well which apparently he never says! Our other teacher showed us his notes even though he wasn´t really supposed to, but he said we deserved to know! That was really exciting for us sisters!

What do you want in your package?
Things which would be nice, another lip gloss. They emphasize lip gloss a ton here. Addresses for Sister Smith and Senora Carrier and M Marks and that list that I wrote down that I cant think of everyone on there. Also N Grasley if possible. Don´t send me anything that takes a lot of room. I eat dinner at 4:40 so snacks are appreciated, but nothing crazy. 3 white camis, white long sleeve shirts. PICTURES!!!! Send me pictures!!!!

I couldn’t find your baptism picture that you had out. Did you take it with you?
I took it. My comps think it’s super cute.

Sorry for the super bad spelling. I had to keep switching computers because it kept crashing and some of them were in different languages. But I love you all! Have a wonderful, wonderful week and write me!!


PS I got hit in the head with a volleyball at my third day of gym AGAIN! And I wasn’t even playing volleyball! I was playing four square, quadritos, which is the best game ever by the way!


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