One crazy ride

September 2, 2013 – Paraguay

Where can I even begin! This has been one crazy ride. Also, I´m in South America which is crazy in and of itself. Also, this cafe has really bad keyboards so sorry.

The flights were good and I was glad to talk to the family! How fun!

When we arrived in Paraguay at 6:30 am, everything started going south. First off, none of us can speak Spanish except one Elder who seriously saved our lives. We couldn´t get into the country because we only had visas for Argentina. We were told that was sufficient. We couldn´t call anyone because the President was in Argentina and we couldn´t make an international call. Someone was supposed to pick us up from there, but we couldn´t leave the airport because we didn´t have visas. We weren´t told where to go or what to do. We are the first new missionaries to arrive to the mission from the states. First pancake. [Cami always claimed to be the “first pancake” in our family – the experiment you tested everything with and then did it right after that.] 3 hours later, we emerged from the airport. Also I think I overdrew my account paying for a visa so can you please check that?

We rode busses for three days (you don´t know the significance of that statement, collectivos!!!), got to see the President, and met my new companion. My companion is Hna. Chavez, she is from Guatemala, about one foot shorter than me, can´t speak a word of English (you don´t know the significance of that statement either), and absolutely the best.

Spanish outside the MTC sounds like this: FHKHSBFGKJfliuHFKA<GNKLkhflkjnbKJDFNAKJFGLFUIHGK<LJFGNK<LJGL

My first area is S! I love it! I´m here right now for my first time! What happened is that Hna. Chavez doesn´t have a place to live, so we are staying at another city about 30 minutes away, P. It´s pretty hard because there´s not room for us. I´m staying with Hna. D and Hna. Gunter (from the MTC). Hna. D is the boss of this area and so Hna. Chavez just has to do what she says pretty much. Hna. D is kind of a my way or the highway kind of person. At first we tried working all four of us together. That was super hard. Hna. Gunter and I never got to talk because we can´t talk fast enough to butt in. So anyways, I was super frustrated up until Sunday. I would just wake up in this crazy place and think what am I even doing?

Then Sunday started with rain, so that meant no one came to church. By no one I mean one family and the branch president. This family is amazing. They were just baptized in July, well not the parents, they need to get married and are waiting for the paper work. This family is just wow. We taught our very first lesson in the dirt yard outside their tin and wood hut. It is very humble here in P. Very very humble. Spanish is the second language here after Guarani. It´s a town about the same size as Barnwell. But Hna. Chavez taught Primaria and it was so much fun! I love being with the people! That´s what this is all about. After church we got to go and WORK! We want to work with the members and the less actives, but we can only do what Hna. D says because it´s her area. She wants more investigators so we went out and clapped doors. It was absolutely the best!

Being able to talk to the people has really helped my Spanish. I´m understanding more and more every day. The progress is crazy.

We clapped for 3 hours and have 4 investigators we are visiting Tuesday. We’re also going to meet two in S when we get there (hopefully next week). Six in 3 hours! (also only 2 bug bites) I couldn´t believe how easy it was! People are just sitting on their porches and waiting to be taught. I was grateful for the nice weather. I woke up to a thunderstorm this morning.

Mom I have used everything you sent me with except the medicine. Good job helping me pack!

So I got here in Paraguay the day winter ended and the good weather started. It´s absolutely beautiful! I love it! It´s like a dry jungle here. The red dirt is so dirty and dry and red. But there´s stuff growing everywhere!

The water here is weird. Not a bad taste, but weird. The bread made with it tastes the same as the water. I´ll need to bring home some P water to try. The food is pretty good. It really depends on who is cooking. I´ve had some bad stuff and some good stuff.

I would write yáll but Hna. D says we don´t have time on P day and we can´t send letters because it´s too expensive. SO hopefully next week when I´m in my own town I can send a letter home because I have so many good things to say! Everything is so different, but so good!

I love all of you! Miss you! Hope everything is well and would love to hear from you!


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