The Traditions of Her Fathers

October 7, 2013 – Paraguay

Hola Hola!

I LOVE your questions. Keep sending them!

Can you send me the lyrics to Savior Redeemer, Jesus the Very Thought of Thee, This is My Father´s Work, Consider the Lillies, and Blessed Jesus, as sung by tab choir?

Also please send me a copy of Reece´s birthday invite [he made it himself]. Sounds super cool! I was thinking of you Reece on your birthday!

I want to make invites for church. Can Sara help design some? Then I can print them in black and white. They need to be super clear to read and not that expensive to print.

Nate congrats on your runs and Sara for badminton and LeAnn for monkey in the middle! Sounds like y’all are having a good time! And hey what the heck! Not taking me to Rocky Point!!! I feel like I live in Rocky Point, minus the beach. That’s pretty much what Paraguay is. And we have the lake, I just can´t go in it so I guess it doesn´t matter anyway!

Sara, which do you like better, BYUI or Dixie? Pros, cons, all that jazz. Or don´t tell me if it stresses you out!

Life is great! Learning lots and having cool experiences!

One cool experience was this week when we had a branch conference and the missionaries were invited. It was kind of slow going and then I asked if I could share something. I shared a quote I had about member missionary work and the effect was really cool. Everyone turned their chairs around and got down to business. We made a circle and made things happen. They were kind of like, oh hey, the sisters have something to contribute. The branch thinks we´re super guapas (hard working).

I’ve had lots of opportunities in my mission to learn how to love and it has been such a blessing. I love all the people in S, and my companion. It´s tough because you really have to learn how to forgive and forget. And being a woman, I like to hold grudges. But honestly, life is happier when you can just let things go! I´m not by any means perfect at it, but I am getting better at that. It´s only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that we can change who we are and that we can become better. I´m so grateful for the Atonement and I felt like that was a huge focus at conference. At least for me. The Atonement has been a huge focus of my whole mission.

I loved the music at conference. I miss hearing people who sing. Maybe that´s why I sing to myself all the time when I´m walking around Paraguay, so I remember what pitch is and I don´t fail all my music classes at BYU when I get back. They literally don´t know what music is I´m pretty sure.

And it came to pass that Hna Anderson did uphold the traditions of her fathers and did buy many dulces [sweets] for the conference. And she did teach the righteous traditions of her fathers to her investigators and the children of the branch and all did partake of the galletitas [cookies]. And the branch was very pleased and did grow in knowledge and love one for another as they did partake of the galletitas and hear the word of the prophet which was spoken unto them. And it came to pass that Hna. Anderson was beloved of all the children. And also had a tummy ache.

S & Hna Anderson - love the ninos!

S & Hna Anderson – love the ninos!

I loooooove conference! Wasn´t the same without candy corn, but there were plenty of cookies to go around. Also I watched it in Spanish so it wasn´t quite the same. I understood everything, it was just hard to concentrate for 10 hours in Spanish.

I´m grateful for all the useful skills I learned in marching band. Like how to walk without moving your upper body. Now I can drink water while walking and I usually only dump it on my face when I trip over the rocks in the street. Oh wait, the streets ARE MADE OF ROCKS.

I have a lot of fun with myself. Just about anything makes me smile. I´m so happy all the time because I get to do something I love every minute of every day whether it be studying in the scriptures or doing the work of the Lord. Life is good.

Also, two of the elders in S went to the Buenos Aires MTC, Arevalo and Piriz, and had pictures of Elder C Barton! How funny is that! I was like HEY I know him! Actually, he lives on my street!


You’re such a stinker – tetanus shot?! You can’t put that out there and not give the details!
It´s really an exciting story. Shark attack!
Actually I was sweeping with a broken, rusty broom.

What is the thing you love most about your area that is different than here?
The fruit! Mmmmmm! And the people! There are some days when I think, I could live here forever! I love Paragauy. And then I remember that I like to walk on carpet and have air conditioning and asphalt, and etc. etc. I love Paraguay! Mostly for the people though.

We watch the weather in S. Are you having to take a boat to your appts? Do you wear galoshes? How does the rain impact the work?
Yeah we SHOULD have a boat. One day last week during studies it started to rain. And then it didn´t stop. And then it started to hail. And then we had to leave because our studies had ended and we were hungry and had lunch with the AP´s at a member’s house. So we swam through the street, which had become a river at this point, and ended up at the member´s house sopping wet with my raincoat on and my umbrella. I literally had my umbrella straight out in front of me because the wind was blowing the rain straight into my face. Soooooaking. About half an hour later the elders showed up, dripping wet. They didn´t have any rain protection because they had come in the day before with good weather. One of the Elders had slipped in the mud and fell into one of the streets that is actually a sewege system. ahahahahaha it was so funny! And gross! The storm was crazy. And I was so wet and muddy at the end of the day. But I loooved it. I thought it was so fun 🙂 I really don´t mind it at all. And we had a lot of success too! I know it´s the blessings of the Lord for working so hard. Basically everything on Hna. Chavez is broken. Her ankle, her knee, her foot. I´m working her into the ground! The humidity made our wooden door expand and we got locked into our house! SO I rammed the door and we escaped! Haha it was super funny!

What attribute of the Paraguayan people would we do well to emulate?
Be more chill. Just let things roll off of you. I´m learning how to do that and it´s really nice. Lots of things really don´t matter that much.

What do you think Hna Chavez finds most unusual about you?
Probably that I insist she use soap all the time.

What messages spoke to you during conference?
Forgot my notes, but the one in the first session who spoke about humility and used one of my favorite scriptures DC 112:10. Also they quoted my favorite scriptures Matt 11:28-30 three times!

Also, hope yáll were listening. Member missionary work! That´s where it´s at! 100% of the baptisms in my mission so far and for the two next weeks are from member referrals. Follow the prophet and do member work.

Are many of the members able to attend the conference broadcasts? Investigators?
We had a pretty good turn out! Could have been better. I don´t know why people wouldn´t want to hear a prophet! It´s awesome! I love conference. We walked around all day trying to help our investigators and the less actives come. Everyone has their agency. Which is pretty tough! I can´t imagine how our Father in Heaven must feel! This is so good for you! Just do it!

I miss you all lots! Praying for you! I looooooooooooooooove you (as Reece would say.)

Con Amor,
Hna. Anderson


Hna Chavez, J & Hna Anderson

Hna Chavez, J & Hna Anderson

Maybe Saturday morning cleaning the church?

Maybe Saturday morning cleaning the church?


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