Bananas are useful for gas masks

October 14, 2013 – Paraguay

I’m doing great! We had our first cambio [change/transfers] and I’m still in S with Hna. Chavez. I’m super happy because I don’t ever want to leave S!! Some of the new missionaries that came with me are already training and I’ll be training next cambio in November for sure because we’re receiving almost as many sisters as there are in the mission. I’m super duper excited!

I’m feeling super great. Living in Paraguay isn’t weird for me. Sometimes it hits me that I’m in a foreign country and on the other side of the world, but life is pretty normal. Considering. My Spanish is really coming along. I feel pretty much fluent. I can express what I want to say. Me cuesta a veces [I find it sometimes] to speak in Spanish, but the more I do it, the better I get. I’m thinking in Spanish and that helps a lot. There are some things which I just straight up don’t understand though, like latino humor. I don’t get it. I’m also starting to learn Guarani! It’s super cool. They have 12 vowels, 6 are through the nose and super hard to do! It’s really fun though.

But yeah, life is really good! I’m working super hard and trying my best!

This weekend we had the baptism of J! He is super purete [cool] and asked us if we could teach him so that he could be baptized. We are working with his mom right now because it’s super important that he have a support system. I absolutely adoooore him and his family! I love them so much! His next door neighbors are members and he’s been going with them for a while to church. He was so happy to be baptized and I was too! I could feel the love that the Lord has for his children. He really does love us so much and He is so pleased when we make good decisions and decide to be baptized. I wish I could tell you all the feelings I have serving the Lord and seeing His work, but there aren’t words to describe.

Hnas Anderson & Chavez, J and J's family at his baptism

Hnas Anderson & Chavez, J and J’s family at his baptism

Hnas Anderson & Chavez, J and Elders at J's baptism

Hnas Anderson & Chavez, J and Elders at J’s baptism

J and sisters with Hnas Chavez & Anderson

J and sisters with Hnas Chavez & Anderson

Funny you sent that chapter on missionary work mom [from the Lorenzo Snow manual]. We had that lesson this week and it was really good. Usually when I am prompted by the Spirit to say something, it’s more like a gentle guide in what I should talk about. But sometimes I receive a really strong prompting that I NEED to say something. I got that during the lesson after we read about the sacrifices of a missionary. We had a less active mother there, her first time back in years and we were so excited to have her. What I thought of was your example to me in serving in the church. I said that my mother was never a full time missionary, but she is surely a servant of God. I talked about how you always put church service as a high priority, when you were serving in primary and all the work that you did and how much you sacrificed. You are an example to me Mom! After church I talked to her son and asked him if she enjoyed going to church. He said yes! And she felt the Spirit and he specifically mentioned the comment that I made in the lesson. If we listen and heed the promptings of the Spirit, I know the Lord can use us to help others feel the Spirit and become converted. I’m grateful that I had that opportunity and I’m grateful every day for the opportunities I have to better recognize and heed the Spirit.

Last call for Christmas package requests. Anything you’ll be out of? Needs? Wants? Can we send music on those micro SD cards?
Please send music on those teeny tiny cards! Christmas!!!!!!!, The harp music on my laptop, the Tchaikovsky ballets on my laptop, anything Debussy. And if possible can you put the Christmas and classical on different cards? And also MoTab! Por favor!! As far as other things, nothing comes to mind. I really have everything I need.

What is your daily schedule T-Sa? Sunday? P-day?
Tues – district meeting, tracting
Wed – tracting
Thurs – tracting and meeting with the branch where I teach English or piano and/or we have a meeting with the youth
Fri – tracting
Sat – sometimes we clean the chapel if no one in the ward wants. Or we fill the baptismal font and that is quite the chore. If not, tracting.
Sunday – up before the sun rises to go pick up investigators. We come empty handed every week but we’ll keep trying!
Mon/P-day – starts at 10:30 and ends at 6. Some mix of cleaning the house, writing the family, walking all over, and shopping. One day we want to visit the river, but we haven’t had the opportunity as of yet. Tracting.
My favorites are Wednesday and Friday when we can work the whollllle day. It’s great! I love it! (Nacho voice)

Is there anything you did this week that 6 months ago you wouldn’t have believed you could/would do?
Live like I’m camping all the time. Hahaha. Thinking in a different language. Basically everything I’m doing right now.

How are your investigators? Newly baptized members?
J was baptized this month! Right now we have three investigators who have actually been to church, and two can’t be baptized because they aren’t married. It’s tough because there are so many different situations, but it’s good. I love the people here. My comp is really frustrated because she believes the people can’t change and can’t make commitments. I think we just need to find a way to let the Spirit into their hearts so that they have their own desire to change. I love these people. Sure they’re not perfect investigators who accept everything we teach them and change their lives in one day, but what fun is that?

The kids love taking your stories to seminary for the missionary moment. Do you have a good one for this week?
So many good ones.

So we’re walking one night through town looking for a pension [lodgings] for the new sister missionaries. We were walking and then we were trying to decide which way to go because we didn’t know where to look for a good house. So I said we should go this way and we started walking again. Then the electricity in the whole city went out. When I’m talking the whole city I’m talking house lights, street lights, everything. All the cars and motos rushed past us and then we were left in complete darkness. And then I’m in the death grip of my companion and she’s like, this is the time when all the scary people come out and wreak havoc. And I was like great. Once our eyes adjusted to the complete and utter darkness, we realized that we were right next to the chapel. This was the night of the priesthood session and so the chapel was open and we were welcomed into the safety of the church with all the young men and the branch president. Then the electricity came back and we got to watch priesthood session! The Lord protects his servants.

This morning I was on my way to C in a sketch bus. One of the tour kinds with a bathroom in the back. SO we’re riding along and it’s like 5 in the morning and me and Hna. Gunter (my comp for the trip) are chatting because we can’t sleep because of the man whose snoring sounds like a frog. Then we start to smell something. Something terrible. Something horrible. I cannot describe how bad it smelled. A dying animal exploded in the bathroom in the back of the bus. It was the most reekiest thing that has ever come to pass in my life. Could not breathe. Not at all. So I hurried and grabbed my emergency stash of bananas (for cases such as this) and Hna. Gunter and I made gas masks out of bananas so that we didn’t have to smell the other thing. Which was nastay. Bananas are quite pungent and very useful for gas masks. And that is why I say, never travel without a banana.

We contacted this guy on the street and were talking to him when his daughter burst into tears, She was scared of us because she thought we were nurses and were coming to give her a shot! Haha

Is there anything specific you would like us to include in our prayers?
For me? Patience and the ability to forgive and forget.
For my investigators, the strength to come to church.

I love my mission!!
Love, Hna Cami Anderson


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  1. My son, Elder Roberts, went out the same time as your daughter. I am enjoying reading her blog, along with several others. It sounds like she is doing great, that is wonderful. We enjoyed the story of the exploding horrible smelling animal that exploded in the back of the bus. My 12 year old son asked how the animal got into the back of the bus. I replied, “Only in Paraguay.” :] Our son is serving in Ciudad del Estes, so hopefully he is getting to see some of the missionaries with whom he was in the MTC. Take care. Anna Roberts

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