I lave yoo

October 28, 2013 – Paraguay

Hello Family!

I love you so much! I´m always super excited to write you!

I have been learning so much on my mission. Honestly, toughest thing I´ve ever done, but so worth it. Every challenge overcome is another blessing in my life. I feel so great! I know that I am so blessed of the Lord!

This week we worked super hard and had a ton of success! Pres. LaPierre challenged us to extend the baptismal invitation and we went from 7 investigators with baptismal dates to 14!! How crazy is that! We are being so blessed for all of our efforts. We have one baptism set for next Saturday and the rest are for the 23rd. We’re really excited for them. We still have a looooot of work to do and we´re running all over town all day. My feet have become two crusty things attached to my legs.

We also had the most investigators at church for my whole mission! 5. Purete [cool]! Also, it didn´t rain (por fin [finally]). Also my English is getting worse and worse. Probably because the only English I hear is the Paraguayans and they sound like Nacho. I´m like, please, talk in Spanish, I can understand you better. It´s super funny. They’re always like, I lave yoo.

I love these people here! I love Paraguay! When I´m with them I am so happy! We had one lesson with an inactive sister. And as I was helping her understand how much God loves her, I really, really felt that love that God has. It was so beautiful. He loves each of His children perfectly and personally. I feel so honored to serve them. I´m so grateful for the love I have been able to feel. My capacity to love has been greatly increased. Also my ability to show love has been increased. I do things now that I would have NEVER ever done before. I feel a lot different. It´s a good thing. 🙂

I´ve also learned to love my companion a lot too. We are about as opposite as can be. But we have the same purpose. And when we can focus on that purpose and the Spirit is there, we make a great team. The Spirit has taught me a lot in how to focus on and fulfill the needs of others. I thought I would learn that from being with investigators, but it´s really with companions. I´m grateful for this opportunity to serve Hna Chavez. She´s a wonderful woman and has really helped me grow.

Can´t wait to talk to all of you at Christmas! There are already decorations in the windows of the stores. Except it just keeps getting hotter every day. I don´t understand. Where´s my snow? I can´t believe how hot it is here. I think I never realized how hot the outside is because I never went out there. And now you can´t escape it!


Did you do anything for your birthday?
Yes! I got a bag of chocolate from some members who work in the imported goods store. Mmmmm American chocolate. And Hna. Chavez got me truffles. So delicious! We got to write home, we went in the mirador, it´s this giant light house thing that looks out over the whole city and the river and it was so awesome! And I got to write letters home and I bought myself a ring! I love birthdays! And guess what! I have two packages waiting for me at the next zone meeting and TEN letters! I am soooooooooo excited! I´ve only received one paper letter from home (from Patrick). Mondays are seriously like Christmas for me. And I work hard for them. We are working our tails off out here!

Birthday truffles  from Hna Chavez

Birthday truffles from Hna Chavez

Hnas Chavez & Anderson in the mirador overlooking the city

Hnas Chavez & Anderson in the mirador overlooking the city

Do you ever go on splits/exchanges? If so, how do they work and do you enjoy them?
No. Not yet. But we just got a líder capacitadora [leading trainer] so maybe in the future. And the scriptures say not to fear men, only God. It´s doesn´t say you can´t fear women. 🙂

Do you ever do FHE games with families? I remember Chandler talking about that. You could probably draw some awesome “No Comer Pedro” boards. If so, what games do you do?
We do hot and cold with singing primary songs. They love it! We have two FHE´s tonight 🙂

Do many members make it to the temple? If not, what’s the biggest road block? (understanding, commitment, finance, etc) Do they do ward temple trips? Do you see a difference in the members that have been to the temple?
There was supposed to be a planning meeting for a temple trip last Thursday, but it rained, so no one came. The President goes every once in a while. People don´t make it out there a lot because it´s expensive. They are also not ready to make that kind of covenant and live that standard. They´re just not ready. There´s about 4 really strong families and they´re the only ones that have been to the temple.

Also, please send in the next package more of those AA lithium batteries.

I´ll send more letters via pictures in email. Is that a good method? I was going to mail home today, but we didn´t make it before it closed.

I love you all sooooooooo sooooo much! Don´t forget it! Keep doing good and choosing the right!


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  1. Thanks Cami, this is Brian Camille and Ellah. We read this for fhe tonight. It sounds like you’re doing wonderful. Ellah says “why do you need aa batteries. I loved reading your note and uhmm I really love the pictures, they’re really cute. Do you play any of the instruments you used to play and have you seen any new instruments you haven’t seen before?”

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