the weather is crazy

October 28, 2013 – Paraguay (from hand-written letter)

Dear Family!

P-day is like Christmas for me! I look forward to it so much! I’m so happy to get my emails from all y’all and to be able to write to you! I’ll write all my stories in my letters!

One cool thing about Paraguay is that you can buy all the movies in theaters for $1. Hmmm . . .

We went to a big shopping mall today with a family that has a car (1 of 4 we know). We went in and were taking the escalator up to the 2nd floor and the wife was like Buddy from Elf. She couldn’t figure out how to do it. Finally some guy grabbed her and made her get on. Then my comp had me in a death grip in the elevator on the way back down. All the things I take for granted are so foreign to them! I also used a seat belt for the first time in Paraguay. No one has them. But this car did!

Also the weather is crazy. I was definitely pulling some Marilyn Monroe moments last P-day. There was crazy wind! Crazy! And the mud. Oh the mud. Most of the roads aren’t paved, especially in the poorer neighborhoods. Then when there’s rain it’s the slipperiest thing you’ve ever seen! And it’s super soft. You have to walk very carefully. You know when you’re walking across a snow bank and at any moment your foot is going to go through the snow? Yeah it’s pretty much the same, but instead of snow it’s mud. Pretty much the pits.

mud drawing

Also when cars drive really fast they splash you with mud. I had to ask the next investigator we visited to help me wash off my legs and my feet. She was like, “You know you have mud, like all over?” And I was like, ”Oh really? I didn’t notice.”

mud car drawing

But I like the rain, because the weather is better. If there’s no rain, it’s like a sauna. No, scratch that. It IS a sauna.

So this one day we walked by a member’s house and they have this giant dog that’s super scary. Half wolf, half bear.

wolf dog drawing

Anyway, we walked by their house and the dog started following us. And then it kept following us. So we picked up sticks. Every time it came near us we had to hit it with the sticks to keep it at bay. It wouldn’t be such a problem, except that all the dogs want to fight it! We ran out of tranquilizer blueberries. I forgot them even though I wrote it on my hand. [Fantastic Mr Fox reference]

dog mr fox drawing

After it followed us for about 2 hours it tried to kill our investigators and it also attracted a pack of other angry dogs. We were like, we gotta lose this dog. So we hefted our sticks and headed for the owner’s house. We just about reached his house when this other dog came out and they had a big fight. I’m talking scary. So we were both like, RUN! So we took off except Hna Chavez ran on the same side as the dogs and I ran on the opposite. (The street is divided by a tunnel.)

dog fight drawing

While the wolf dog was distracted we took off for our next investigator’s house. It was pretty exciting.

So before the mission, remember how I didn’t drink Coke? Ever! Yeah, well everyone is like, the missionaries are here! Give them Coke! Turns out I’m starting to like it! Oh no!

Also, I just finished Jesus the Christ this morning. It’s so good! I learned a lot! Highly recommend it!

Dad – Colossians 3:21. I read that the other day and thought of you. [Family joke] I think you’ll settle in just fine. The Lord qualifies who He calls. I’m realizing that! Can’t wait to hear about all the cool things going on with the Gilbert mission and the temple. Keep me updated! I’m bummed I can’t come see the temple, but I’ll go through with you and Mom when I get back. B Spencer in Sweden? Sweet. Right before Christmas though!! The work is really exploding like you said. As far as sisters in the Posadas mission, we’re supposed to get like 35 or something crazy over the next 2 months.

Mom – Thanks for supporting the kids in their activities. Good, better, best, right? You have to do a lot of that on the mission. How can I use the Lord’s time to do the best? Time is so important! My watch broke (I bought a super cool one for $5 today) and my comp only used the cell to check the time so we never knew the time (she’s latina and so time doesn’t matter as much). It was really relaxing actually. I think I need to loosen up a bit. Time is important, but people are more important. So I’ve decided that I need to administer to the needs of the people rather than worry about other appointments. That includes my companion. Hey Mom and Dad and everyone actually, are you keeping your journals? Don’t let these good experiences go to waste!

Sara – So pleased that you are doing so great! I hope you beat my ACT score! That would make me so happy! Hey and what’s up with “ralph”? Both you and Nate used it. New “word”? Give me an idea of something to teach all the little kids to say. Like what they say right now is “fetch” because the American Elders teach them. What should I teach?

Nate – I liked your race story! I told my companion, but she couldn’t get over the 5k part of it. There’s always life lessons in the things we are doing. Super cool to find one! And I hope you’re losing all that chub Nate with all that running. (chiste) [joke]

LeAnn – Sounds like you had a super cool lesson! Are you loving Young Women’s? And keep going to the temple! It’s great spiritual prep for life! Thank you for keeping the tradition of the gold tights. Here they don’t sell pants for women – only tights. And sadly, everyone is also overweight. Ralph! Eeee . . . Haha Nice with the shower drain. I hate that job. Ralph.

Reece – Your picture was so very appreciated. Haha

I love you all tons! Thanks for writing me every week! I SO appreciate it! Keep doing good things!

bday drawing

Hnas Chavez and Anderson with a Christmas display in the background

Hnas Chavez and Anderson with a Christmas display in the background

Hnas Chavez and Anderson

Hnas Chavez and Anderson


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