November 26, 2013 – Paraguay

So hey, guess what! I`M TRAINING! And I`m in the coolest area in the mission, C! It`s a suburb called P. I moved from S to a gorgeous (for Paraguay standards) apartment in the heart of P. It`s so beautiful here. Outside the city are the suburbs which are so tranquila, and just outside of that is straight up jungle. I can`t express how wonderful it is to be here! We have a WARD here with a BISHOPRIC that WANTS TO HELP US!!!!! Yes!! And they were so excited to get sisters here.

I`m opening and white washing my second area in my mission. I`m a trainer and my new companion is Hna. Trillo! She was absolutely handpicked by the Lord and I have loved every minute with her! She came so prepared, ready to work, and she`s super tranquila like me. We get along super great!

I just finished my interview with the president. Haven`t gotten to talk to him since I arrived. S is too far away. He is seriously the greatest. I learned so much talking to him. He said of all the changes this transfer, the strongest impression was to put sisters in P. I`m so grateful for this opportunity to work! And boy are we going to work! We`ve come home every day this week absolutely WIPED. I love getting to be a trainer and teaching my companion about all of my triumphs and utter failures. I absolutely love getting to choose how much and how hard we work. And I feel bad for my companion, because I`ve been pushing it to the max. I think we`re going to have great success in this area! I know it!

We had a trizone conference with President and it was super purete [cool]. I loved it! I learned a ton. The Posadas mission is super great. Demasiado mucho.(that`s the P district joke. Paraguayans say it and it`s like saying the equivalent of too much much too much. ghetto Spanish. Totes.)

Also I consider myself to be officially fluent! When we were meeting all the missionaries from the different zones they all thought I was Argentinian (because there are white people there). Heck yeah! It`s all about the accent. If you have a good accent you`ve got it. But lots of Americans have super funny American accents.

So now that I`m senior companion, and especially as a trainer I`m calling all the shots. It can be tough at times, but it is so rewarding! I had a really neat experience in the conference where we did a practice as companionships to help our investigators answer a question with the Book of Mormon. The investigators asked a question and we had a sheet of answers. Problem is that when we turned to the answer we were given on the sheet, opened the Book of Mormon, and read the scripture, I had no idea how it related to the question. Usually when that happens, I would turn to Hna. Chavez and be like, alright. Yeah, no idea. But then I looked at Hna. Trillo and she was giving ME that look. Hahaha. So I did as the scriptures directed, opened my mouth, and words came out. And I had one of the neatest experiences of my mission allowing the Spirit to literally flow through me. I didn’t know the answer or how to help the investigators, but the Spirit did. And the Spirit taught me something I didn’t even know before.

I love the ward we have! It`s almost all primary. Hahaha. So Sunday we got up at 5 am to go walk with all of our investigators. None of them came (after 1.5 hours of walking to get them ;( ) and when we showed up at church we got thrown into the primary because the teacher didn`t show up. So we were with about 30 primary kids for TWO HOURS STRAIGHT – SINGING. They`re getting ready for their primary program in 2 weeks. The first hour we tried just teaching them the words and stuff. But then I was like, heck no. GAMES! So we went from boring learning the words primary,to the hot and cold game, loud and soft, ninos vs. ninas and all that. THEY ATE IT UP. I don’t think they`ve ever done games in primary. Before they didn`t know the words. When I told them that we can`t play games if they can`t sing strong, they suddenly remembered! Amazing! The bishop peeked his head in and was super happy. Unfortunately, I think we did such a good job that we will be in there for the rest of our time in P. hahaha 🙂 Good thing I love the little ninos!

The ward loves us so much! They were like, We have sisters now! haha. They`re great. I love the work here and I am absolutely having the time of my life. Being a trainer is a lot of responsibility, but I know the Lord qualifies who he calls.


How often do you do transfers?
Every 6 weeks

What’s the process for transfers?
Find out Monday, leave Tuesday sometime depending on how far you have to travel. Leave Monday probably if you have to travel to a different country!

What’s the status with your visas?
Still waiting for Argentina, but I think I can renew my temporary visa if I need to work there.

What will you do different with your next companion?
I`m trainer now and so I take the lead (and the hit) on everything. We are going to work until the last possible second. We`re going to focus on working on members. We`ve also set up goals of things we want to do.

Can you do a favor for me? I would love to have the lyrics to a few of the Spanish primary songs glued in the back of my hymn book. Could you maybe make them on a spread sheet the right size to fit in there? A few of the basics, childs song, whatever. Already got I am a child of god in the hymn book, but a few others would be nice!

Also, I`ve officaly started learning Guarani! I can sing I am a Child of God, I`ve learned how to read Guarani and I can say a few phrases. The members here are really good at teaching Guarani. Can’t understand all of it when they speak, but I’ll get there!

I love you all so much! Don`t forget it! I love my mission!

Love, Hna. Anderson

Hnas Gunter, Craven, ??, Anderson, ??, Trillo

Hnas Gunter, Craven, ??, Anderson, ??, Trillo

Hnas Anderson and Trillo

Hnas Anderson and Trillo


Hnas Anderson, Chavez, Gunter and ??

Hnas Anderson, Chavez, Gunter and ??

Hnas Anderson and Trillo

Hnas Anderson and Trillo


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