Never study patience

December 2, 2013 – Paraguay


Guarani is hard! But I just bought a dictionary so I`m going to keep learning! This is my official apology that I can`t write a ton on P Days. It`s super crazy here and I never seem to have time on P Day! Like today we had a zone music practice for the Christmas tri-stake devotional! And we went to Pizza Hut which is super chuchis [fancy] here. It`s a nice sit down restaurant where you eat pizza with knife and fork. It`s so wrong. But it`s all you can eat and AMERICAN food. Yeah!

Their district at the "fancy" Pizza hut

Their district at the “fancy” Pizza hut


Hnas Anderson, Craven, ??? and Trillo

Hnas Anderson, Craven ??? and Trillo

Also, now that I`m senior companion I get to choose how we use our time. Honestly, it`s not our time, it`s the Lord`s time and we are working it to the max! There`s no time to do anything but crash at night. I’ve never been tired in my mission until I got to P. Yesterday it POURED. We were in a lesson when it started storming. Absolutely storming. We waited it out a little, but it didn`t let up, so I was like jaha (let`s go!) and my comp is so great. She`s like yeah! Let`s go work! We were soooooo soaked, Literally nothing was dry when we got home. Also, everyone locks their doors and throws away the key when it`s storming. No joke. haha. But we worked!

This week had one of the most interesting days on my mission. On Friday we had lunch with a less active member who just started coming back. They`re a super neat family. That morning I had studied patience and read the story of how Alma`s people bore their burdens with patience and cheerfulness, that the Lord didn`t automatically take the burdens away, but that he gave them strength. I read that to her and we talked about it. And then she opened up about her problems. It was one of the most powerful lessons I`ve ever been in. The Spirit testified of the love God has for C, and her family. I truly felt a great sorrow for C because she is suffering, but also one of the greatest joys of my life knowing that her people can change and that they can prepare for the temple. The mission has some of the greatest sorrows, but simultaneously the greatest joys!

We came back the next day to teach M, her husband, and the spirit was so strong again. We set up a plan of something for him to do every day to keep himself focused on what is most important. And THEN M [a different “M”], our investigator, stopped by and he was like, hey, I don`t want to get baptized anymore. His family is catholic and he`s afraid f them. One of the most important tools the Spirit can use is silence. During silence, the Spirit can testify of the truth and people have a moment to think and decide. We read Mark 10: 29-30 about if we give up anything for Christ`s sake, we get 100 times more. I said to him, you know it`s true. Then silence. It was so beautiful. The Spirit was so strong and I could see the wheels churning and the Spirit testifying to him. And after a moment he nodded and said, yes. I`m going to get baptized. It was so great! So powerful!

And back to Friday! After that initial lesson with C, which is the furthest away house we have in the area. (we live in the middle of our area), we walked from that end, to the complete opposite end of the area, and then back close to where C lives. NOT A SINGLE PERSON WANTED TO LISTEN TO US. I`m talking this is bizarre. I can`t go a half our without finding a lesson. Everyone wants to listen to us! It was crazy! 6 straight hours of walking without stop. Also it was raining. But honestly it was a super fun day! Hna. Trillo and I were laughing and having fun! The best was when we saw our investigator around the corner and when we turned the corner he was gone! Disappeared! We approached the house and the door slammed. We heard a chair getting shoved up against the door and they put something metal underneath the door. Hna. Trillo and I DIED of laughter. It was too good. Hahahaha

I kept thinking about the story of Alma, and the missionaries who God promised that if they bore their afflictions with patience God would give them success. So the LAST house. The LAST back up plan (and by the way I`ve neeeever used all my back up plans. Ever.). We were going to do one more house before we have to head back for the night. We knocked an old contact of the elders and it`s a family of about 50 people, I swear. We had an awesome lesson, and set 6 baptismal dates!

It was a good day. It was hard to walk that much, and my feet hurt real bad (think of the song- both of my feet hurt) but it was so great. 🙂 I love my mission. Seriously the best.

From younger sister:
What is your favorite scripture?
One of my favorites is Mosiah 5:2 I love seeing the change that the Spirit can make in people`s lives!

What is your favorite primary song and/or hymn?
Lead Kindly Light possibly.

Where is your comp from?
Peru, but spent the last five years in Buenos Aires Argentina

Do you love your comp so much?
Heck Yes!

How is it being senior companion and training a newbie?
I love it! It`s super great! I love love love being senior comp. You all know I like being the boss. And training a newbie has it`s challenges, but I really like it!

From Mom:

What is your comps background?
Convert of almost 10 years. She speaks a little English. She can read it too.

What are her strengths?
She already came prepared. I don`t have to worry about her not knowing what to say or saying crazy stuff. She`s a really well rounded person and super flexible.

Has she seen Nacho Libre [a favorite family movie and great builder of friendships]?
Heck yes! haha

So what I learned: never study patience, or else you have to practice it; you can have fun no matter what you`re doing as long as you`re doing something uplifting; and success isn`t measured by numbers, it`s the feeling you have when you come home at the end of the day knowing that you did your very best.

But hey! I love you all so much! Don`t forget it!

Much love 🙂
Hna. Anderson

Hnas Trillo and Anderson on a collectivo (bus)

Hnas Trillo and Anderson on a collectivo (bus)

What you look like after working in the RAIN!

What you look like after working in the RAIN!

Hna Anderson with her ugly cat laundry bag

Hna Anderson with her ugly cat laundry bag


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