Ndaipori (means there isn’t any in Guarani)

December 16, 2013 – Paraguay

This week was really great. Hna. Trillo’s training is really coming along and we are becoming more and more unified. We’re starting to get into a rhythm of teaching style and I’m sure by the end of this transfer we’ll be 100% in sync. We watch The District church training movies with all the American missions and just goggle over the food, and the cars, and the sofas, and all these beautiful things that we don’t have here. Ndaipori (means there isn’t any in Guarani) In order to translate Guarani for you guys I have to go Guarnai to Spanish to English. Haha. Only Guarani to Spanish for me. That might not make any sense. But languages are so cool! I want to learn more and more!

So many people here recognize us as servants of God and representatives of Christ. They may not believe what we believe, but they respect us because they know we do a divine work. So many are willing to trust us, pour out their souls, and accept invitations because they recognize the light we have. What’s frustrating for me is when they believe everything we teach – but are “already baptized”. The Catholic church is very, VERY strong here.

So the other day we wanted to take a bus to the other side of town (ya . . . ya . . . ya . . .) (who knows the reference?). We got on, clunked along, and then realized, we are in C! Whoops! So then we had to get off, walk a few blocks and take another bus! We’re traveling along and I’m like, Hey we should get off now, we’re pretty close! But my comp was like,Nah, I think we’ll get closer later. Nope! We ended up right where we started! So we walked to our lunch and when we finally got there, ndaipori. No one was there. No lunch.  But that’s ok, I like to cook for myself. 

Today when we were waiting for the bus to C for P-Day, Elder Whiting was being harassed by another (different) crazy lady. She spoke only mumbles and followed him around holding two rotten bananas, herbal remedies, and a bottle of ketchup in the other hand. When he walked to one side of the street, she followed. Walked to the other, she followed – dripping ketchup and mumbling all the way. The bus arrived and she wanted to get on with us too! So Elder Whiting made like he was going to get on, then gestured for her to go first. Then booked it down the street and the bus took off. All the rest of us were dying laughing!

That’s all my stories for this week! Also, I lost my agenda (with ALL my information in opening this new area) on the bus. Pits. Elder Whiting never received a new agenda for this transfer (and still doesn’t have one – week 5) because we’re super short on supplies here. (When we got Books of Mormon the other day we cheered and had a party! Reinforcements!) Hna. Trillo remembered that she had her old agenda, half used from the MTC and she gave it to me. So we cooked up a terrible joke. I told Elder Whiting that the Zone Leaders gave me a new agenda when they heard I lost mine. He was so mad! Hahaha, it was the best! He was like, “I’ve been waiting for 5 weeks for an agenda, an Hermana asks for one, and just like that, it appears!!!” hahaha 

Rainbow after the storm

Rainbow after the storm


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