Success is in the invitation

December 23, 2013 – Paraguay

Your letters were all so good! Thank you all so much for writing me every week. It means so much.  I just love all of you so stinking much!

Thank you for inviting! So many people think that success is when people say “yes.” No es asi! [It’s not!] Success is in the invitation. I’m a successful missionary if I do my best to invite people to Christ, not if I have the most baptisms or the most church attendance.

Mom, I`ve been looking for a nativity set since I set foot in Paraguay! And I bought one last week. It`s sitting on my counter right now. Made out of mud 🙂 haha I`ll send a picture next week.

I got a double rain bow this week! (Also we got dumped on!!!!) At lunch the bishop’s wife told us there`d be a storm today. At 4:30 when we left to go work after studies, clear blue, beautiful skies. We didn`t bring umbrellas. FREAKIN` IDIOT. haha It was cold.

It`s so stinking hot here though. Sweltering. SWELTERING. But they adjusted our daily schedule so that we work in the morning and have studies during the hottest part of the day! It`s really great because 1. we`re not dying and 2. we get to visit two different areas every day because we work during two different parts of the day. I`ve found it to be a huge blessing!

Hna. G part 3

Yesterday we committed her to throw out her idols. She says she doesn`t have anywhere to put them so she can`t get rid of them right now. No bags or things.

I said, Hna. G, do you promise that you are going to throw out your idols?
Yes Yes! I promise!
Hna G, you are making a promise with God, and when you do that, it is a very serious thing.
Oh you should have seen her face.
Hna G, if you throw out your idols, God will bless you and the Spirit will be able to be in your home.

We planned a service activity in her house on Friday. We`re going to bring every grocery bag we have and we`re going to help her get rid of her idols!

C [her son] was laughing so hard.

I am learning so much about the Savior in this transfer! It`s so hard to express all that I feel for Him. I wish you all could feel what I feel. Read the Book o Mormon and study His life! Pray and ponder. Pondering really helps us to receive spiritual revelation.

This week I was pondering about Jose Smith and the first vision. I was thinking about how miraculous it was to have seen God the Father and the Son. I thought about, what is the question of my soul, what would I ask them? What is it that I ask for in my prayers that I really want to know?
My question would be, How can I love as you love?
I pondered about what my answer would be and I received an answer.
Do as I do.

It was really a simple answer, but I felt the truth of it. I wish I could describe as I said before what I feel when I am pondering about things like this or reading or praying with real intent. But I can`t.

My wish is that everyone could experience this, could take time to read, to pray, and to ponder. There is no better way to strengthen your testimony and receive a witness from the Spirit.

As I thought more about the love that Christ has for each one of us I thought about the Atonement. Surely He loved each of us so dearly and the Father. He suffered for us to fulfill the will of the Father and because He loves us. I really feel that as He suffered for us that His love increased for each one of us. Does not our love increase for our families, our friends, for God when we make sacrifices on their behalf? When we make sacrifices for others we truly come to love them. And when others reject the sacrifices that we make it hurts. How it must pain the Savior of the world when we do not use the Atonement, when we reject His gospel, and when we do not accept the gift He so freely gave.

I want to share the gift that He gave me!

Since we got here there are now 4 missionaries working in this ward. And since we got here the church attendance has been dropping, dropping, dropping. Between the 4 of us, the only investigator to attend church has been F last week.

We`ve been so obedient. To the letter of the law obedient, just like I learned in my own house. We`ve worked from sun up to sun down. We`ve done everything we possibly could have. We`ve helped so many people feel the Spirit. I lack a lot still. I`m not a super great teacher, I don`t always follow the Spirit. Sometimes I get frustrated. Sometimes the heat gets to me and I get tired!

If I didn`t know that the Lord directed this work, I would probably be discouraged. What more could we have done?

But I know the Lord is pleased with the work we are doing. I feel the Spirit so strongly every day. It`s helping me to change and to become better.

Maybe I`m filling a bucket with a hole in the bottom. Where`s Henry to fix it? But I`m doing what the Lord called me to do here. I`m so happy 🙂

O that I were an angel and could have the wish of my heart!

But I must be content with the abilities God has given me and the calling which I have received to be the best Sister Missionary that I can be.

I`m going to try so much harder to help the people here receive the same blessings that I enjoy every day! This is an important work!

Merry Christmas! I hope you all enjoy this beautiful season and ponder on why we celebrate the life of Christ and on His love for each one of us.

I know that when we come to know Him, we change. We desire to show our love for Him and the love which we develop for our fellowmen.
His love changes us, if we let it.

Love, Hna. Anderson


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