This cat always comes to church every week

January 6, 2014 – Paraguay

We had some big changes in the mission this week. How exciting! I`m now part of the zone P. I`m super excited! Also our district has two sets of sisters! With all the sisters coming in every week our mission is just exploding!

One thing I`ve realized about the culture here is that it`s super slooow. So slow. For example, brushing your teeth. It takes me like 20 seconds to brush my teeth and my companion is like, 2 whole minutes! There`s not time for that! It`s all about efficiency. Just kidding!! That`s a joke! Don`t get mad at me Aunt Pam! 🙂 I`m brushing and flossing!

Hahaha But seriously.

We have this one sister in the ward. We made this super cool lesson plan to get people hyped to help us in the missionary work and tried it out on this sister. After sharing the message we asked her for references:

Me: Do you have any friends or neighbors?
Sister: No. I never leave my house.
Me: Do you know the people who live in front of your house or on the sides?
Sister: No. I don`t go out ever. Except to the next door neighbors house who is already a member so that she can cut my toenails because I can`t reach them.
Me: Does your husband have any friends?
Sister: No. And I don`t know them either.
Me. Well let`s make a list of the people you see walking outside your house in the street who you know.
Sister: No. I already did that and it doesn`t work.

Every time we pass her house we find her sitting with a friend and take full advantage of the situation. We invited one of her friends to come to church and asked this sister if she could pass by her house to bring her to church. How did she reply?
Heck no! What if she doesn`t come? I`ll have just lost time!!

This week Hna. Trillo put her yogurt at the top of the fridge in the shelf. No problem, except the yogurt here comes in packages, like bags of yogurt. So when I opened the fridge, it dumped allllllll over me. hahahahahaha It was the funniest best thing ever! The only sad part is that I didn`t remember to take a picture!

I`m super excited every day to get out and teach because we have investigators who are progressing, really progressing and want to know the truth! It`s super exciting. I love teaching!

On Sunday we got up at 4:45 to go find our investigators and bring them to church. We got divisions set up and had a ton of people who promised us (and God) that they would come to church this week. I had such high hopes for this Sunday! We worked so hard and taught a ridiculous number of lessons this week running to and fro and testifying by the spirit.

Not a single one came.

Except the cat. This cat always comes to church every week and I have to go chase it down, grab it and chuck it out the door!

I thought I would be super sad. I had all hope and faith that they would come, at least some of them. But no. And you know what? I wasn`t sad. I just felt so much love for God and gratitude to be doing His work, no matter the outcome. Sometimes it`s frustrating for us because the disobedient missionaries have better success than we do, but I don’t have to “see” success to know that I`m a good missionary. If I`m doing my best and being obedient, then I know the Lord is pleased with the work that we are doing.

I am seriously enjoying every minute of my mission. Nothing makes me unhappy. I can`t stop smiling! Because I`m doing the work of the Lord, I have an eternally important message to share, and I know that the Lord loves me. I feel like I spend all of my time focused on and thinking about my investigators: what I can share with them, how we can help them, how they can receive comfort and answers in their prayers, and how we can help them come to church and to make and keep sacred covenants.

We found this investigator this week who was really prepared by the Lord. We found lots who we believe are truly prepared! We left the house, not with faith, but KNOWING that the Lord would lead us to people who are prepared. G just came back from living in the states. She really feels the value of her family because she lived so far away from them for so long. She is very spiritually sensitive. While she lived in the states, a member neighbor placed a BOOK OF MORMON. No effort is wasted! The Lord prepares people to receive the gospel and uses us to do it. Thank you member missionary who lives in Florida who placed that Book of Mormon with G! You are doing the work of the Lord! We are so excited to be teaching so many people who were prepared of the Lord!

One funny thing, we contacted this house and met this woman. A couple hours later when we clapped a house in a different neighborhood, she was there too visiting her mother-in-law! Crazy! Same day! She rejected us both times, but listened.

Glad you had the elders over. Ice breakers can be fun to get the Elders (&everyone) to warm up to one another. I like “What would happen if …” You write that on a paper then write a silly question. “What would happen if Nate ate 7 pizzas?” Then you gather them and pass them around again and someone else answers the question. “He would explode.” Gather them and pass them again. The first person reads their question, but the second person reads their answer. They all get mixed up and it’s super funny. We love this FHE game!

I forgot to tell all of you about the “Worst Day Ever.” It actually wasn’t. It was super fun.  So we went to a new part of town for a Zone P meeting and we wanted to take the bus home because it was super far. We got on the bus and bumped along towards P. Suddenly, we were no longer in P, we were in the middle of nowhere, country bumpkin territory. Hna Trillo and I looked at each other like, what the ? So we asked the bus driver where we were and he confirmed our beliefs. Yep, middle of nowhere and how do we get back? You don’t. hahaha So we had to ride this bus until it turned around to do the whole route over again. We took really pretty pictures.  There was literally no one else on this bus. So we get back off and started walking to P. It was pouring. We missed our lunch by about 2 hours and we had no idea where we were. Then this car drove by super fast over this sheet of muddy water and drenched us in a layer of mud and water. Hahaha  The worst. But we laughed so hard. So we got in this random car/bus, full of people escaping the rain. I was thinking, well, we might not know where we are, but God does! And He puts people in our path. I started talking to this lady. Turns out her Mom was a member, but passed away, and she lives in our area! Doesn’t matter where you are, or how terrible your day might seem, you’re doing the Lord’s work, and I know that He directs it!

Everything is funny. The crazy lady invited us to her wedding this week. Also held my hand which was medio uncomfortable. Ugh.

– Anything else you thought of for the package?
I do want some of the johnson and johnson clear pony tails And contacts! I`m so excited!

– Were you in a helicopter at the dam? What the heck!
Hahaha I`m so glad you thought that! Nope. Just a picture of one. 🙂

– What is the thing that makes the biggest difference for those that stay active vs those that don’t?
Coming to church, reading, praying, having a testimony, serving. The basics really! If you`re inactive, you`re not doing the basics.

– How has Hna Trillo made you a better person?
She`s helped me become very conscious of the things that I do and say, my attitudes. I want to be a good example for her because really we learn by example. We`re always saying, how can we be better, what can we change and it`s really great. I really enjoy my time with her and we always find the good in every situation. She`s helped me relax as a person and find happy mediums in everything. Just everything good I`ve been learning, she builds on. Awesome companion

– What’s the hardest thing about being a trainer?
Bajando la caña. (bringing down the cane) and at the very first when they have no idea what`s going on. But that`s also super fun. Hna Trillo is super great though and we haven`t had any problems. For serious she might be my best companion on the mission. We gel like nothing else 🙂 I love how she teaches. She`s already a way better teacher than me I think. I feel like we compliment one another perfectly and that really I am loving being with her. I love Hna Trillo!!!!!!

I love you all so much and I hope you are reading and praying every day! Don`t forget who you are! Find the positive in everything! Keep smiling and be a light to those around you. All of you are surrounded by people who don’t have what we have. The greatest way to share the love you feel is by sharing the gospel. I love my mission! It’s the best! I love feeling the Spirit!

Much Love!!!!
Hna. Anderson! 🙂

guess what my keyboard can do? nothing. It`s broken. But it can do this ñññññññññññññ çççççççççç



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