I mixed up certeza and cerveza

January 13, 2014 – Paraguay

Hello family! So good to write to you again!

I got the Hansen Christmas card! How cute! Also an Elder gave me a stack of letters he had forgotten about HACE 2 MESES! [for 2 months!] UNACCEPTABLE! hahaha He felt super bad!

Also, if you haven`t already sent stuff, I would like mascara. I haven`t been able to find the good stuff here. But they seriously have everything else. I just don`t have a ton of time for looking. Also EFY/young women music that isn`t old!

This week was interesting. I think I start every letter with that! Every week is weird!

We have one investigator who told us he`s going to turn himself in to the police for a crime he didn`t commit. But I didn`t understand him and committed him to a baptismal date 10 days after he`s going to be incarcerated. haha.

I also had another great Spanish blunder. I mixed up certeza and cerveza. Instead of saying, “When you pray you will know with certainty…” I said, “when you pray you will know with beer the church is true.” Great moment. Luckily I caught myself before they understood what I said. 🙂

Also, we had 2 CHURCH ATTENDANCES!!!!!!! New high record for all 8 weeks in P!

Also I gave a talk in church. It was fun 🙂 Run from piano to the stand and back. Whew!

We intercepted our golden family on their way to the other church Sunday morning. Only the Dad came with us to the true church. But it`s a start! They`re a great family who has made so many changes and has felt so much of the Spirit! The tough thing is leaving behind the traditions of your fathers.

Also, more news: our mission is now 45% sister missionaries!! And over the next 3 months we`re going to get 40 more sisters and 3 elders. Hahaha! I`m super excited! The mission is exploding!

I said some really bold things! The Spirit prompts you say stuff that I would never ever dream of saying!
We had one investigator, member, who we are trying to help prepare to go to the temple. One phrase they always say here is ” Voy a procurarme” which basically means, I`m going to try, but not really, and nothing is going to happen. Missionaries hate this phrase!

Are you going to come to church? Voy a procurarme.
Are you going to pray to ask if the church is true? Voy a procurarme.
Asì no!
I asked this member,
Are you going to prepare yourself for the temple trip in September? Voy a procurarme.
I looked her straight in the eyes and I said, Hermana, trying isn`t enough.
And inside I was going, what? You can`t say that to people!
She thought about it for a little bit and then said, Ok.

Then this other investigator who stopped progressing went to her church instead of going with her sister to the true church.
I asked her, Is it important to you to attend the true church of God? To know which of all the churches is true?
She said, no.
And I said, If you do not seek the true church of God, you are rejecting him in your life.
Who says that??
But she thought about it for a little bit and said, I`m going to pray and ask.

I`m not sure what else to write! Lots happens in the week. We read this talk as a mission and it`s called, Be Purified. Hna. Trillo and I fasted to discern which things we do offend the Spirit. We`re now having a 40 days fast of these things in our lives so that the Spirit can be more abundant in our lives. Things as simple as never use casual Spanish language, keeping my space orderly, and making a better effort to find people when we`re out teaching. It`s been really neat!

It`s been kind of tough in this area because we aren`t “seeing” a lot of the long days and the sweat and the dirt that we`re putting in, but if I honestly was having all the success that I expect, I wouldn’t be trying so hard to improve and become better. It`s been really good for me! I have the best companion ever, I love my area, I love Spanish, and Guarani (even though I don’t understand it) and I love my mission!
I hope I`m a different person when I come home. I`m sure I will be 🙂

I love you! Hope you’re having a great week all of you and enjoying the good weather!

Hna Cami Anderson

Hna Anderson, Guy with BIG fish, Hna Trillo

Hna Anderson, Guy with BIG fish, Hna Trillo


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