I`m enjoying the blessings of righteous ancestors

February 3, 2014 – Paraguay


If possible, could you send more insoles for my shoes? The gel ones slip around, even though I cut them exactly perfect. Also a pedometer would be fun. And the conference issue of the Ensign. Also can you un super protect my Facebook? No one can find me here.

Hello family! I`m so happy to write to you! It`s been an exciting week!

Pondering back on my time in the MTC, I`ve discovered that the best piece of advice I received was in how to ward off vicious dogs. When a dog comes chasing after you, you crouch down and act like you`re picking up a rock to throw at them and they all go running with their tails between their legs. I have used that almost every day of my mission. I don`t know why dogs hate missionaries!

This was week 11 in new missionary training! So that means Hna. Trillo had to take the lead in all of the situations, planning, teaching, contacting, etc. The first couple days I was like, I`m a failure. I taught her nothing. 😦 But then she got the hang of being in charge and totally rocked it! My companion is great! She`s going to be a great trainer. I`m excited for her.

Transfers are next week and rumors are already spreading. Apparently, Hna. Trillo is going to train, and I`m going to be STL, and possibly go to Argentina! We`ll see! I won`t believe it until I see it.

In missionary conversations I`m pretty sure the only thing we talk about is: food, transfers, and food. Something like that. haha

We had divisions this week! I was with the companion (who is in training right now) of Hna. Craven. She is a super sweet and humble sister from Peru. I learned some very valuable lessons about humility and patience and love. It was a beautiful day to share with her!

Also, one of our investigators is a nun, with habit and everything. haha 🙂 She wants to get baptized, but if she does, she and the orphans she cares for will get dumped out on the street. 😦

Also, I was having a bad day. It was Hna. Trillo`s first day as “sr. companion.” I was like, I`m the worst trainer ever. This is the worst. She`s stressed out, I`m losing my patience! We went into a bakery to ask for directions. Then I asked to buy a pastry. She said, I`ll just give it to you! She put one in a bag, then two, then dumped the whole plate of pastries into the bag and gave it to me!!!

God always lets me know He loves me when I need it.

Something interesting Hna. Trillo told me this week. We watched 17 Miracles with the zone last P Day and we were talking about the pioneers. I talked about how easy my life has been and how lucky we are to have the gospel. She said that I`m enjoying the blessings of righteous ancestors, that their sacrifices have blessed me. It`s so true! I`m so grateful for the righteous ancestors that I have, for the sacrifices they made to give me all of the opportunities that I have. I am so lucky to have been born into the church and to have the fullness of the Gospel!

I always thought it was funny that the women`s general conference is always about forgiving yourself, that you are enough, that you don`t have to run faster than you`re able. I always thought that I would never have a problem with that! Nope. This week the Adversary tried really hard to tell me that I`m not good enough, that I can`t change. I put a really high bar for myself, I always have, and it`s tough when I can’t reach the expectation that I have for myself.

Luckily, I had the best weapons with which to defend myself: a pile of old conference ensigns with the women’s conference talks. Learned a lot this week about God`s love for me, and all of His children! I want to try harder to be kinder, to be more forgiving, and to share the love that I feel with His other children.

In Ether 12:27 we learn that as we come to God, we will come to know very well our weaknesses. But we can`t lose hope in that we can`t change. We have to press on and do the best that we can. Yes, we are weak. But our weaknesses can become strengths!

I am so blessed and I thank God every day for all that He has given me!

Hna Anderson

Hnas Anderson, Trillo, Craven, ?? at baptism with Elders

Hnas Anderson, Trillo, Craven, ?? at baptism with Elders


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