I ate mondongo

February 24, 2014 – Paraguay

Hola familiaaaaaaaa!

This week I ate mondongo. Below this paragraph you are going to put a definition of what it is in my blog. And then you`re going to vomit. haha. But yeah it was totes worth it because the less active member who gave it to us CAME TO CHURCH for the first time in years! Whohooo!

[Sopa de mondongo is a soup made from diced tripe (the stomach of a cow) slow-cooked with vegetables.]

Also, update on the B family, the parents finally CAME TO CHURCH! We had a lesson with them after church and set a baptismal date for the 16th of March. I am so so so so excited for them. They are literally like my family. When I am able to teach them of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, I am literally filled with joy! And March 16, 2015, they will be sealed as a family in the temple! I know they can make it! I have seen so many changes in their lives and it such a blessing to see their progression! I love them so much!

The sad part is that we had the lowest church attendance since I got here, 45. My companion has to tell me every day that it`s not my fault that no one wants to come. That we are literally doing everything we can. I just feel like there must be SOMETHING that I can do to help them, to give them a desire to come closer to God and feel His love, to be as HAPPY as I am! Wouldn`t that be nice? It just makes me so sad sometimes to see these people who I love so stinking much distance themselves from God. It really is a spiritual death.

The hearts have been really hard in P lately. We had a ton of great investigators, and one by one this week they told us not to come back ever again because they`re Catholic. We spent 3 hours tracting the other day which would normally yield results of about 5 lessons and 8 new investigators. Nada. I guess I shouldn`t complain to the other missionaries in the world where it`s so much tougher, but I`m just so used to walking out into the street and having people invite us in!


How go things with the new companion?
Pretty good. I’m trying to focus on training and helping her (as well as the other newbie who cried also when we had divisions. Every time I`ve done divisions the sisters have cried and told me their problems.) I literally forget myself, my worries, and all that and it`s such a miracle. She comes from a little more privileged lifestyle, so some things are hard for her, but I know that she will be a great missionary.

What are her greatest strengths?
She has a great testimony and she`s very endearing. It`s impossible to dislike her she`s so cute!

What are you learning from her?
How to correct in a nice way which I am soooo bad at it. I HATE giving correction. hate hate. That`s the number one thing I hate about training is that they get here and I have to tell them what they can and cannot do. And I literally cannot even once break a rule or make an exception for myself because they will use that against me forever. Literally forever. She`s not bad at all! That`s not what I`m saying. It just takes a lot of patience to teach and train and help and care about others.

Also, Paola Pereira is one of the ward missionaries! She goes on visits with us and she is super cute! She found me on facebook and then friend requested ALL OF MY FRIENDS! So sorry to everyone who has a random friend request from Paraguay. hahaha She`s the best. She`s super loco. I love her to death. I love all of these people!

Hey I love you all a lot and I hope you are all doing well. I think of you and pray for you 🙂 I love my mission so much! I learn every day!

Hna Anderson

Hnas Trillo & Anderson and friends

Hnas Trillo & Anderson and friends


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