it`s the thousands of helping hands during a lifetime

March 10, 2014 – Paraguay

Hola mis queridos amigos y familiares!!!

I hope that all is well and that you are all super happy! Because today is another great day! Another great week of work!

This week was hard, but I saw a lot of miracles!!

Firstly, the Book of Mormon is such a tender mercy of the Lord in my life! I really felt the love of the Lord as I read a scripture that was literally meant just for me!

Alma 45:21-end and Alma 46:6
Helaman was a prophet! He did all he could to help the people, but there was only so much he could do. It wasn`t his fault at all that the people chose not to listen and chose to rebel. It doesn`t mean he was a bad missionary, and I`m sure he put forth his very best effort. But everyone has their choice to make. I’ve realized as a missionary, my job is to give every child of God every opportunity that I can to come unto Him. Missionaries just give opportunity after opportunity and it doesn`t matter if we get rejected, we just love the people and want to help them choose the right! How great shall be my joy if I shall bring but one soul into the kingdom of heaven! Bringing a soul into heaven isn’t baptising them. Really, it`s the thousands of helping hands during a lifetime that keep us on the path! I just want to be a helping hand, an instrument in the hand of the Lord, to guide His children to the path and help them keep their balance as they come ever closer to Him!

I spent a lot of hours on my knees this week. I was reading about Enos, which is one of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon. Read it again if you haven`t in a while! Also the story about Moroni and the title of liberty. He started his campaign on his knees. Every great prophet began on his knees, pleading with God for the salvation of His children. Then I was thinking about Jesus Christ, when He knelt in the garden of Gethsemane. The thought came to me that the world was overcome by a man on His knees. How powerful is prayer! It is the best way to come to know God and to receive the help you need. I like just talking with my Father about everything that`s going on, our struggles, and our triumphs, thanking Him for the miracles we see every day. I am so grateful for prayer. If the world was overcome through prayer, I too can overcome my challenges through prayer!

We have one investigator that is already in 1 Nephi 16! That`s a miracle if you ask me! Super cool! He`s on fire!

We have another investigator, Z, who is the owner of a bakery. Super yummy. We`ve been teaching her for a while, but she always says, I`m so busy I`m sorry! We finally were able to talk with her and were thinking of telling her we can`t visit anymore. But I asked her, What is it that you expect to learn from us? She said, I want to change my life! Come to church! Get baptized!! Alright then!! That was a super cool moment! We were able to help her put a baptismal date and help her figure out how she can have time to be able to come to church on Sundays and everything. It was super great!

I super love my mission! I know that God has blessed me so much, and all of you as well! He loves us so much! I know that the Book of Mormon is true and was written for our day! It gives us so much peace and direction in this life!

How go things with the new companion?
We get along just fine. This week she went to Asuncion with all of the other new missionaries to get her paper work done. She found out that I`m one of the nicer sister missionaries in the mission so it`s been a little better since she got back. It`s just tough because she’s not used to the missionary life, BUT she does it! Training is hard because they come here thinking their trainer is the rule enforcer, party pooper. I hate being a party pooper! But it`s just kind of how it is. You have to be obedient, you can`t sleep all day, you have to work every day. The mission is tough and it`s tough to get used to. The first transfer is the toughest. But I love my companion! She`s super sweet and a great person. She has such a strong testimony!

What is her greatest gift?
Being pretty alllll the time. Like what the heck. How does someone do that on the mission. It`s not supposed to be possible.

What is helping her the most?
Seeing the situations of others and realizing that she doesn`t have it that bad off.

What are you learning?
How to be strong even when I feel like I can`t be. How to rely on the Lord in prayer. How to do what I can and not expect anything more from myself.

Love Hna Anderson

Hnas Anderson & Archilla at Salto del Monday

Hnas Anderson & Archilla at Salto del Monday

"Asian Face" for Sara

“Asian Face” for Sara

Hnas ??, Craven, Archilla & Anderson at Salto del Monday

Hnas ??, Craven, Archilla & Anderson at Salto del Monday

Hnas ??, Archilla, Anderson & Craven and Elders at Salto del Monday

Hnas ??, Archilla, Anderson & Craven and Elders at Salto del Monday



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