Queen of inviting people to be baptized

March 17, 2014 – Paraguay

Hola familia!

I am so happy to be able to hear from you all! I hope that all is well. I had a great week!

So apparently, I’m the Queen of inviting people to be baptized. I don`t think we teach without inviting our investigators to be baptized. The President told us that we always always always need to invite people to be baptized from the very first lesson. So that`s what I do! It`s a great indicator to tell if someone has really been prepared by the Lord, if they are willing to accept a baptismal date. We average about ten baptismal dates accepted a week. At first, inviting everyone to be baptized can be a little bit intimidating, but you get over it when you do it every single day. And I`ve seen such great success! I am a true convert to inviting from the first lesson.

We did exchanges with the other sisters in our district. None of their investigators had baptismal dates. So I spent the whole day invitng their investigators to be baptized! It was great because a lot of them accepted. The other sister I was with is a newbie too and she is waaaay too scared to invite. Haha But it was fun to be able to teach her.

Hna Archila is making so much progress! She`s started asking the investigators questions and answering their questions and she`s working super hard to learn to love the people and their culture. I`m so happy for her! She`s fun to be around and we enjoy our time together! She´s the greatest! Except today when we were eating ice cream in burger King. 🙂 🙂 (little piece of heaven) Almost like being in America except everyone was speaking Portuguese and Guarani. But anyways, Hna Archila broke her molar (on ice cream!!) and so we had to go home to find a dentist and we´re waiting to hear from the mission nurses if we go ahead and put in a metal thing. I feel so bad!

I had a super cool experience with my personal study this morning, where I really felt like the Spirit was teaching me. I sent a picture of my notes that you can see. I love being taught by the Spirit and seeing everything click together! What I wrote is the best I can explain it, but as always, when we understand something through the Spirit, it´s more of something you feel, a greater conviction to live right, a greater conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have one neat investigator that is progressing a lot! Her name is V and she has a real hunger and thirst for the truth. We read Amos 8:11-12. I think it is and she was like, hey that´s me!! After that lesson she started to cry. She wants so bad to be able to understand the scriptures and come unto Christ. It´s been such a blessing to see her progress! She had a dream Saturday night that someone came to her door and invited her to church and told her to listen to Hermana Anderson. Wow! We gave her a Book of Mormon. She read the introduction that we left her with her husband and even looked up the Moroni reference. Super cool! Her obstacle is giving up her Catholic traditions. Same obstacle as almost all of our investigators. Super hard. But we´re praying for her!

Also the B family! Same obstacle. Their son Isaac came to church this week and was the only young man there. During sacrament meeting he sat with all of the young women. 8 of them, 1 of him. No wonder he likes coming to church….. hahaha it was super funny to us. But he´s not in the “interested in girls stage” yet. He loves reading the Book of Mormon! Him and Mary always come to church. They just need to get wet already! They are soooo ready! We are doing everything we can to help them. The AP´s call us all the time to check on the progress of this family. They are super special and worth the wait.

Hna Trillo sent me a letter this week that basically said you´re the greatest mission mom ever and I didn´t know how good I had it and now that I´m out in the world on my own I realize. PAY DAY! I felt so good 🙂 I think it´s the same thing I did when I left for college! haha I love you Mom!! I love you Dad!! I love you family!!

We had a conference this week with Elder Zamballo, South America area presidency. It was really good, both him and his wife spoke. But I always like what President LaPierre shares. He´s the greatest! He talked about the gifts of the Spirit. In Moroni 10 Moroni invites us to seek the gifts of the Spirit. The Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Spiritual gifts have not ceased to exist! Moroni saw our day and wrote the Book of Moroni for us.

Something I read was that during his short life, Joseph Smith was able to receive all of the gifts of the Spirit because he was not impeded by sin. It was the same with Jesus Christ. He grew so quickly in knowledge and understanding because He had no sin. Nothing kept Him from the constant company of the Spirit of the Lord. With Joseph Smith, he wasn´t perfect, but he was a pretty good guy and he was able to receive the Spirit to teach him.

I really like to say in my prayers that God may “evitar” the sin that I have. Which translated is cast out, but also throw out. THROW OUT THE SIN! I like to imagine myself doing that sometimes. CHUCK THAT SIN RIGHT OUT! hahaha or, if you like oldies, I´m gonna wash that sin right outta my hair.

One Spiritual gift he spoke of specifically was the desire to share the gospel. I had been reading about that in Ether 12:2-3, Alma 43:1-2, Mosiah 28:3-4 and Enos 1:26. I had been meditating about that, and when president spoke, it was like all the pieces came together. I love being taught by the Spirit.

When we have the Spirit, we have this great desire to share the gospel. I love how the Spirit worked in these prophets of old that they could not even rest, their desire to share was so great. Sometimes I feel like that too! And sometimes I´m just dead dog tired. hahaha You really learn to appreciate the meaning of sleep and rest and sitting down in the mission.

I love the part in True to the Faith about Revelation. We can see angels, or manifestations, or visions, but a real conversion comes from the witnesses of the Spirit. They are the longest lasting and lead to true conversion.

Anyways, that´s all I’ve got for this week. I hope all is well! Can´t wait to read all your letters I´m going to print them out right now!


Favorite thing about summer?
fruit! air conditioning! Also, summer here is ending. And it´s going to get cold!!

Favorite thing about sister missionaries?
They don´t sweat as much as Elders. haha

Favorite thing about elder missionaries?
They know how to do things like fix my bed when I sat down into it… on the floor. Whump. Best ever. hahaha

How often do you meet as a district? What do you do?
Every Tuesday. We have trainings, do practices, receive help for our investigators and areas, get pumped for another week of work, etc.

How often do you meet as a zone? What do you do?
Once a month. Same thing, it´s just longer and there are more people.

Do you have to check in with someone every night?
We have to send a message to our district leader every night or they come hunting us down. They take good care of us Mom! No worries!

Love Hna Anderson

Paraguay side of the mission

Paraguay side of the mission

Argentina side of the mission

Argentina side of the mission

Hnas Anderson & Archila, and Hna & Elder Zamballo

Hnas Anderson & Archila, and Hna & Elder Zamballo

Sushi and "Asian Face" for Sara

Sushi and “Asian Face” for Sara

Hnas Archila & Anderson and friends

Hnas Archila & Anderson and friends


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