Finally made it to the promised land

March 24, 2014 – Paraguay

I thought for sure for SURE that I wasn`t going to be leaving P. Hna Archila hasn`t finished her training yet and there are still things I think I can do here! But nope.

I`m headed off to A ARGENTINA!!! Crossing the border. Finally made it to the promised land. haha.

I`m off to A to be the new Sister Training Leader! I`m super excited, although a little sad to be leaving Hna Archila and possibly Paraguay forever. But Argentina will be awesome! yay!!

Gosh I`m not sure what else to say. I`m just too full of every emotion!

This morning Hna Archila and I talked a lot about doing things because we have to and because we want to. It was a good talk. She`s a really good missionary. I`m sad I won`t be able to finish her training, but I know that she will do well. I think given the responsibility of introducing her new companion to the area and the investigators and the ward, she will shine. She was a great companion for me and I learned a lot. I think more than anything, to be understanding of differences. I learned about having mercy and grace- which is perfect understanding like I wrote last week. She taught me to be patient. And not just patient, waiting, tapping your foot, but patience, real patience, that doesn`t have any ugly feelings. Putting people above numbers or rules or whatever. The personal growth of children of God is more important than a lot of the details I used to think were important.

This week we went to this one neighborhood that I don`t like tracting because it`s right in front of the GRAND CATHOLIC CHURCH. It`s so Catholic. I can`t even tell you. But Hna Archila was like come on let`s go there, we`ve never been there. So the first lady we knocked invited us in and we started chatting.
I almost cried listening to her. She is so devoted to the Catholic saints. And not just her, but hundreds of people I have talked to who it appears will never abandon their beliefs and their love of la virgincita Maria. They will never be able to have the joy of the gospel in their lives. And that just makes me want to cry, because I love these people and I want them to have what I have. I hope that their hearts may be softened and that they may someday accept the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have this great investigator named S who came to church a week ago. She tried to come to church this week, but the hour got changed yesterday morning and so she arrived an hour before everyone. We were a little bit anxious to meet her family because she told us that her parents are alcoholics. That`s why she wanted the gospel, to help change her and her family.

Yesterday night we had the chance to meet her parents, and we were so surprised! We were inspired to teach the word of wisdom in the first few minutes of meeting them. They desire to change. We talked a lot about the difference the example of parents can make in the lives of their children. We promised them all of the blessings I have seen in my own family: love, unity, peace. They accepted a baptismal date as a family and are determined to come to church this week to hear the good word and receive strength to overcome their alcoholism.


They`re also going to be coming to the English class and we are going to teach the Dad how to read (in Spanish). I was really blown away last night at the hand of the Lord in preparing them to receive us and their desire to change their lives.

The other day a truck passed by selling “home made milk.” What the? Everything here is home made. In America that means delicious, good quality. Here, not so much!

Also, I ate catfish the other day and it was sooooooo good. First time I ate fish in the mission. I miss fish! Not that we ever ate it at home.

Hey but anyways, the mission is great! I am loving it! I`m grateful for my time in P, but excited to be headed off to Argentina in the next couple of days. Wish me luck!

Rohyhu! I love you! Hna Anderson

Hna Archila

Hna Archila

Hna Anderson

Hna Anderson

Hnas Archila & Anderson

Hnas Archila & Anderson

Hnas Archila, Anderson, ?? & Craven

Hnas Archila, Anderson, ?? & Craven


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