I LOVE ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 31, 2014 – Argentina

We had a leadership council which was AWESOME but it means I have very little time to write you all this week. Being STL (Sister Training Leader) is great and we are having a STL “sleepover” in the mission house tonight and a training tomorrow!

This has been one of the best weeks of my mission! I LOVE ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paraguay will always be in my heart, but I love everything about Argentina! I love the people, the food, the culture, the city. I walk in a dream every day. V will be my favorite area I think.

I`m STL over 4 hermanas, and my comp, but she`s going to help me in everything and I want to train her to be an STL too! My comp is Hna Rawlins, who get this, is MY FRIEND FROM BYU!!!! She was in the BYU Heritage ward with me and when she got her mission call I wrote on her facebook wall, HEY, maybe we`ll be companions!! How cool is that? We didn`t get to know one another very well because there were 80 women in the ward, but we already knew each other. How funny! Also, mom, you should look up her blog! She is absolutely the greatest and I LOVE HER TO DEATH!

The food here in Argentina is beautiful. I really did almost cry my first lunch here with members. We ate crepes. The day before in Paraguay I ate COW HEART! NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE!!!

I`m super excited today and so I keep writing in caps, but I just want everyone to know that I am SO HAPPY!!

This last transfer was pretty tough. I made a focus of all my studies and everything I did this week, seeking to have the Holy Ghost with me at all times. I know I always have it, but when we make an EARNEST effort to have the Spirit, it is ever more present. I literally felt this week like I was walking on air, and I don`t think it was just because I arrived in Argentina. It was because I was seeking to have the Spirit. This week I fasted and really focused my efforts on being filled with the Spirit. Seek the Spirit! It`s the answer to any problem you have, because the Spirit is the perfect teacher, comforter, and guide. The answer to any problem is teachings, guidance, or comfort. The Lord is so wise. I just feel so grateful right now.

V is heaven on earth. I live in an apartment on the main street. It`s a beautiful, sleepy town. From 12-5 everything (I mean everything, grocery store, houses, the bank) is closed and everyone sleeps. Makes tracting a little bit tough, but hey!, gives us more of a chance to follow the Spirit. The branch here is great. With Asistencia de 70 por ahì. The members are so willing to accompany us on visits with our investigators, so willing to help out. Also they cook so good. My food isn`t covered in oil anymore 🙂

I`m asking for good ideas of things I can do for my sisters as STL, I`m sure there`s great stuff on the internet!

What I want to do with my sisters is do a week of study. I felt really inspired the other day to write up a theme for us to study for a week, then have a little meeting and talk about what we learned. This week is going to be our gifts and talents. I really like 1 Cor 12: 14-22 sometimes I think I try to be too much of a hand, when I`m just a foot! God doesn`t expect me to be anything but a foot, because He created me, and He created me that way. So I`m going to be the best me I can be. My personality isn`t a hindrance to my progression. There isn`t a “perfect” personality. We can still complete all of God`s laws and maintain our personalities. In fact, He commands us to develop our personalities.

The day of transfers, there was a bus strike. Awesome. So we had to stay an extra day which was awkward because we already said good bye to everyone. haha. I tried to avoid everyone that we already said good bye too. haha. Good old Paraguay. Always pullin one over on ya.

Hey I love you all so much! Sorry there isn`t time to write! I`ll write you all letters and take pictures!!

Lovesssssss 🙂
Hna Anderson

Hnas Anderson & Rawlins - friends from BYU and now companions!

Hnas Anderson & Rawlins – friends from BYU and now companions!

Hnas Rawlins & Anderson

Hnas Rawlins & Anderson

Elders Robertson & Averett and Hnas Anderson, Craven & Gunter - all from the same zone in the MTC and all leaders now

Elders Robertson & Averett and Hnas Anderson, Craven & Gunter – all from the same zone in the MTC and all leaders now

Hnas ??,??, Anderson, ??, Craven, & Gunter at Leadership Council

Hnas ??,??, Anderson, ??, Craven, & Gunter at Leadership Council


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