greatest tool for making contacts is . . .

April 7, 2014 – Argentina

So this week I only worked one day, ONE DAY, in my area. What the heck right? But it was ok because I got to do lots of really, really neat things!

First was the leaders council which was all day Monday and all day Tuesday. I learned so much and I am super pumped to be an STL! It will be so great! My responsibilities will be mostly in doing divisions, calling up and checking on my sisters and just taking care of them in general. On Wednesday we had our zone meeting and I got to take part and do a segment of it as would the Zone Leaders. I got to talk about our key indicators (how many lessons we taught, how many new investigators, etc) and the meaning of urgency in missionary work. I shared Ether 12: 2-3 which is one of my favorite missionary scriptures. There`s a few others I shared with it but they`re in my notebook so I`ll write them for next week. This work is so urgent and so important! After that I got on a bus to go to one of the other areas, S. It`s an absolutely breathtaking place, just like V. There`s one view from a top of the hill where you can see all the surrounding country. Sometimes walking around here I am convinced I am in a tropical Italy. haha. Maybe that`s an oxymoron. But I did divisions with Sister Tapia who is 31 years old and it was like spending the day with a super cool aunt. I learned so much! She`s says she learned stuff from me too, but I doubt it. I am so humbled to be in a position to teach and help the other sisters. It has been an amazing experience for me. Her companion is a new sister as of a week, Hna Myrold who is 28. I feel like we`re all kindred spirits. 🙂 I got to have interviews with both of them and I learned so much! Talking with them, they have or have overcome all of the exact same trials I have overcome or am having right now. It was a really neat experience to be able to talk about why the mission is tough and all the help that we have from the Gospel. I LOVE MY MISSION!

So Friday I finally got to work in my area. We got back from our bus ride Thursday night and HICIMOS PERCHA! We worked super hard! We don`t have a lot of investigators right now because we haven’t been around to find any. So I just had it in my mind to talk to EVERY SINGLE PERSON! Which is always what I mean to do, but it`s hard when you have appointments and the people are walking fast or you`re walking fast. But we just got to work talking to PEOPLE, to Children of God. Who cares about appointments? (I know, I`m not my mother`s child. That was the hardest thing for me to do, say that appointments and schedules don`t matter anymore.)

Really the greatest tool for making contacts is this -> :)))))))))))))) my award winning smile! I started to LOVE making contacts. It`s hard at first, but I really love doing it now because it makes people so happy. We say “can we give you a gift?” and we give them a pass along card with Christ on the front. And they say “oh, why thank you! How beautiful!” and we start talking about the love of Christ and the family, and everything beautiful and important, and the whole time I have the biggest smile on my face because I AM HAPPY! And they can be HAPPY too if they accept the invitation that we are extending!
I love the responses we get. One time in a contact (we do this a lot) we offered to sing. One new investigator said, “With your smiles and your voices, you`ll conquer the world!” Another one said “I don`t really like your religion, but I want you to come back and tell me about it because you girls are so nice and happy.”

I seriously love what I do.

I`m sorry family, but I don`t want to come home anymore! I`ll just stay here 😉

haha just kidding! But I seriously love my mission! Never been happier!

Also I did a contact in Guarani when I found out that she was Paraguaya and she was freaking out, SO excited to talk to me, even though I couldn`t say much. There are definite benefits to having two countries in one mission! The culture splash over helps us connect to more people.

On Saturday we went to A to watch general conference! What a GREAT conference! Our ward traveled Sunday to come to the conference so they were stuck at the chapel between sessions. WE TOTALLY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THAT! After Ballard’s talk I think it was, everyone was thinking of people they wanted to share the gospel with. Every single member we asked for a referral GAVE US A REFERRAL! WOW! I haven`t had a referral in ages! Conference does miracles!

Also, GILBERT TEMPLE! I was freaking out when they talked about it. How super great! My favorite talks were Holland, of course, Bednar, of course, Scott I`m most excited to read again, and Monson, and a few others really got to me. I loved it! And I was able to watch in English and hear their voices. How I missed their voices.

Watching General Conference

Watching General Conference

So the sisters in A, when we stayed overnight a week ago their apartment was sooooo messy and I couldn`t feel the spirit there. It was seriously trash dump and bug cemetery. Hna Rawlins and I keep our apartment impeccable. You would be proud Mom. When the other sisters saw our apartment and felt the Spirit there, I think they went home and cleaned. When we visited them this weekend it was so beautiful in their apartment! What a miracle!

We hitched a ride with the branch from the conference home. Last night, we just redefined the definition of Mormon swag. It was like a 50 year old broken down bus, that only started up after we prayed. There weren`t enough seats for everyone so they put in folding chairs from the church (there still weren`t enough seats for everyone). There was like 50 kids hanging out the window, everyone with their snacks and their mate and everything. It was so great. And we didn`t die! My faith is strengthened! 🙂 I felt protected because it was literally all of the members in V. bahaha It was the best.


Mormon swag bus ride home from conference

Mormon swag bus ride home from conference

I read all your letters from the last week, but didn`t have an opportunity to respond. Sorry! Life here is busy, but know that I love you all and I`m thinking of you and that I haven`t forgotten you all the way, only a little bit 😉 But I am super excited for Sara to be in old Heritage. It`s waaaaay better! Which building is it? I think they already tore mine down.

But anyways, I love all of you so much! Life is great!

Hna Anderson

Hermanas Leadership Council with Hna & Pte LaPierre

Hermanas Leadership Council with Hna & Pte LaPierre

Hnas Rawlins & Anderson

Hnas Rawlins & Anderson

Hnas Rawlins & Anderson

Hnas Rawlins & Anderson


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