half bear half bulldozer half dog

April 14, 2014 – Argentina

Hola family!

So as you may have heard on international news about our catastrophe here in the pueblito V, we have now been without electricity for a week! [transformer went out] And we are not sure when it`s coming back either! But it`s been super fun! We get to study by candle light and cook unrefrigerated food. Is it ok to consume yogurt that has not been refrigerated for a week? I haven`t opened it yet. Also it is expired by ten days.

I am the Light of the World.

I am the Light of the World.

Hnas Anderson & Rawlins

Hnas Anderson & Rawlins

The city gets lighted by sectors for a few hours at a time so when we go out proselyting we take our phone charger to charge in where ever and whenever there`s electricity. The water here gets pumped from the ground (with electricity) but luckily it rained so everyone has been collecting rain water. It`s been a super fun adventure, even though all my clothes are wrinkly because I can`t iron.

We sent a message to our zone leaders when the lights first went out, with no battery in our phone and in the dark because we didn`t have any candles at first. “If we don`t live to see tomorrow, tell our families that we love them and that we fought until the end!” But we made it! 7 days and counting! We had to wait for the cyber to receive electricity to be able to write home. It`s been really fun and the talk of town!

Today we went shopping for clothes. I thought I might buy myself a new shirt to celebrate 9 MONTHS in the mission! Half way through! You get really tired of wearing the same thing every week. We visited all of the shops in V in 2 hours. Literally all of them. haha. We could have done it in 20 minutes. I love this little place. We ended up at the fabric store to make clothes. haha

This week we saw soooo many miracles! Every single day! One investigator told us, you girls emanate peace. I just want to be around you. I was praying to God to lead me in His path and just then He sent you two!

We have another lady, Marina who is so great! She`s like, when can I get baptized and how do I do it, what do I need to do to prepare myself? She came to church on Sunday!

I used to be so afraid to invite people to baptism at the beginning of my mission. Like they might be offended or something! This week I had so many experiences where I thought, no, we should wait, they`ll just freak out, but our mission president says, ASK ON THE FIRST VISIT! So I have faith it will turn out. Talking with this one lady this week, she told us about all the many problems that she has and how much she values her church and her baptism that changed her life. I thought to myself “How can I invite her to be baptized? She will be offended for sure because she values her baptism so much!” But I felt, I UNDERSTOOD, the need that every child of God has to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It`s the only way they can have the very best that this life and the next life have to offer! So I invited her, and she said YES! That`s just what I need! A new start! She`s going to fast and ask God if it`s true!

I saw a real life miracle! This week I did divisions in A. We were doing contacts and passing out pamphlets at this one house that had a HUGE dog. I`m talking half bear half bulldozer half dog. We were chatting and I pulled a restoration pamphlet out of my bag and handed it to the lady across the fence. Just then her GIANT dog came running up and BIT MY HAND! I`m talking my entire hand entered into the dog`s mouth and I felt the teeth and I thought for sure I was mutilated and would never play the harp ever ever ever again. But the owner and my companion and I all got my hand out of his mouth and it came out COMPLETELY NORMAL! Nothing! No bite marks, no pain, nothing nothing, nothing! I was just super freaked out. But it was seriously a miracle! I felt the dog bite my hand! I felt his teeth! But my hand came out just fine!

I hate dogs.

I hated them before the mission, but now I LOATHE them.

We had this one kid in a lesson that said Hna Anderson speaks pure V. He liked my native accent. It was super funny! Also a Spanish joke that an 89 year old investigator told us! Como se llama hospital in japonese? Aquitemata You have to say it in Spanish out loud to make sense. Also there was another kid who said “Yo quiro leer! Yo sabo leer!” Which is funny for everyone who speaks Spanish. I thought it was funny!

So the door to our house locks automatically and today when we walked outside, we forgot the keys. Unfortunately, the same key unlocks the hallway to leave the building, so we were stuck between our door to our apartment and the door to leave the building. Nooooo heeeeeeelp! hahahahaha it was so funny! Worst part was, it was during the siesta which means NO ONE is outside. Which means even if we screamed for 3 hours, no one would know until 5 when they all wake up and go back to their jobs.


Luckily our ONE neighbor was home and wasn`t sleeping to unlock it for us. What a miracle. We literally would have waited there for hours.
This week my study has been focused a lot on faith and really coming to KNOW Jesus Christ, not just know about Him. I got an interview with President today, and he helped me understand that as we become more like Him, we will come to know Him. When His ways become our ways! And we do what He would do. It`s been a really beautiful thing to ponder. I feel like I`m coming to know Him, line upon line, grace by grace. It`s a beautiful thing!

I love you all so much! Keep the faith! Life really doesn`t get any better than this, well, I guess there`s always next week 😉

Love, Hna Anderson


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