the crisis is over

April 21, 2013 – Argentina

Happy Easter everyone! What a great week!

So apparently, Semana Santa [Easter Week] is a big deal in Latin America, except not in Argentina. I don`t even know if the people knew it was Easter. But they DID know that it was a holiday so they spent the entire week sleeping and playing bingo. No joke. So it made it kind of difficult to find people to teach (with the power outage on top of that)! But the people we did find were so prepared to receive us!

One family, the M family, we passed by on the street. Doing street contacts is tough because it`s almost impossible to find their house after, but I really felt like we should talk to this family. So we got the “more or less” directions to their house and planned to pass by another day. So the next week we started at one end of the street asking around for this family until we successfully found them! Yes! We taught the mother and her 5 kids who are SO cute! And they loved everything, they ate it up! We put a baptismal date with them and everything for the middle of May. I am so excited to teach them this week, the Spirit was so strong as we shared with them.

Our investigator M is progressing a lot! She went on the 8 hour trip to the district conference! With a toddler and a baby! That requires dedication! If she can make it through that, she`s going to endure to the end! I am so excited for her! She loves it when we visit and always asks, when are you coming over next? 🙂 I love the gospel.

These other investigators we had that were so cool said they talked to their pastor and they don`t want to join our religion. It was funny because they said it like they were breaking up with us. “It`s not you, we love you chicas, we just…” Except that it wasn`t funny because I love them so much and want them to have the gospel!

We met this one lady and she was like, I`m Catholic, go away. And we were like, Hey! You`re catholic, that means you have faith in Christ, we do too! And she was like, I don`t have faith in Christ. We have nothing in common.


We`ll just go now.

Super funny!

Then there`s the people who are like, “If I pray to God, like you chicas asked, and God tells me that your church is true, it doesn`t matter because I will never join your church.”



We`ll just go then.

This week I did divisions with one sister. She`s been here for three weeks and is having a hard time. We talked for like an hour or two and she had an interview with President and we convinced her to give herself a month. She`s convinced that because she`s not a perfect missionary, someone else should come and take her place. CRAZY! That`s one of Satan`s most cutting blades, I think for women, that we think we`re not good enough! In a month, she`ll get the language, and figure out how to teach and be able to really take off as a missionary! This STL stuff can be tough sometimes. But this sister is super great and I just love her. I want her to have the same experience that I`m having! Stick it through! The first transfer is the toughest, but if you make it, you’re GOLD!

Speaking of STL, there`s a conference next P Day so just plan on me writing late or a different day or something.

One divisions I said things in Spanish like, “Dogs really bother me.” Which in Spanish is “Me molestan los perros.” So I was using that word all day and then she was like, how do all these things molest you? bahahaha She had been so confused the whole time about the word molestar which means bother.

I love when I teach and just smile and I feel like everything just lights up! I love seeing my love for these people reflected in their faces, to see them light up as they feel the light of Christ! Hna Rawlins gave me one of the best compliments ever, she said that I just radiate light! That makes me so happy! And I`m going to always strive to radiate light, let other people feel what I feel, and let that lift them! I love getting to testify of Christ, especially this week being Semana Santa and Easter. I KNOW THAT HE LIVES! This knowledge changes my life! I strive every day to come to know Him better.

Also, we have now had electricity two days and counting! So the crisis is over! I think we were the only ones in the city that had water every day, so I`m counting my many, many blessings. I can`t go to bed covered in mud. It just doesn`t. no. I think we`ll resume regular working hours tomorrow.

My companion has the worst luck. She first got jumped on by a friendly, but very, very muddy dog. Then yesterday she slipped in a puddle and scraped her leg. Ouch. Pretty much the pits.

Also it rained almost every day this week and only the main roads are paved. SO my shoes are in this sticky mud and they get stuck. Schloop. Schlump. Haha Super funny. I slipped but caught myself before I fell, but the mud splashed and got all the back of my skirt. Love that.

Mud caked skirt.

Mud caked skirt.

Well, that`s pretty much it. Can`t wait to read everyone’s letters! Don`t forget me ok? I know I`m pretty far into my mission, but I still love these little pieces of home!

Love, Hna Anderson

Sunset in V.

Sunset in V.


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