hippie convention outside my window every night

April 28, 2014 – Argentina

[Forgot to push “Send” on this on 4/28]

My inbox is just FULL! I feel so loved! Seriously a week of wonderful experiences and a lot of growth for me!

First of all, LeAnn, you asked, so this is why I love the harp so much:

I think the turning point was in the 8th grade at the talent show. I played a super sweet song and everyone was like “wow you`re super good” and I was like, oh yeah. I guess I am pretty good and this is a cool talent that I have. Then I realized that I have a lot of friends in orchestra and that I have lots of good times there and that I have accomplished something! I feel a lot of fulfillment to do something well and do something that makes others happy. I was able to do that at hospice too. Even though it was tough to put in all those hours to practice, I left a better person because of it. I don`t think something being hard is a good reason to quit! Otherwise no one would be on a mission. It`s only hard if you`re learning and becoming better. Playing and creating music is also a very spiritual experience. It`s one way I can express myself and what I feel. Because words don`t express everything. A hug can`t be expressed by words. The way I feel is sometimes expressed better in song or with dance or with actions. We each have to find a way to express ourselves! But my love of music comes from the way I feel when I play, when I`m in concerts, the Spirit I feel as I play sacred and also classical music. I feel like it draws me closer to heaven!

Also Sara, I heard Joe Brooks I`m pretty sure in the cyber last week. hehe

This week was kind of a mess because we had divisions and I had to resolve some things with the hermanas. Sometimes I feel like I`m not very qualified and there`s not much I can do. I want so badly for them to be happy like I am and to have success and peace on their missions and in their lives! But Hna Rawlins helps me a lot. She says that all I need to do is be me. I help the sisters just by being happy and by being a good example, and that I don`t need to correct to help them (I learned that in training). That by being me, I help them desire to come to where I am. She`s the greatest. She gives the best compliments. We talk all the time, about life and such, and I feel like I`m starting to understand and put to use the things I`ve learned on my mission. How we can`t push people, we can only lift with them. How to be merciful and understanding. I`m starting to understand the character of Christ better. I bet His disciples messed up a lot. They were human. But He never ridiculed them or scolded them. He showed them how to live by His example and His love. He lifted them. That`s what I`m trying to do. Sometimes I think I should do more and I`m not sure what to do, but I`m learning also to be patient with myself and learn at my pace. And I`m learning a lot!

So on our two day division (which should never happen but there was an emergency visa paper work trip to Posadas in the middle of it) it was a mess. Terrible. I`m trying to help these sisters and they all have issues and I`m also trying to be a good missionary and show them how to be good missionaries (when I don`t even know if I`m qualified to do that because I`m not that great…), but bottom line, I got stressed out.

On the way to the terminal to end divisions I was wallowing in self-pity. Just wallowing. Then the ZL calls me to inform me that one of the sisters is super sick and that I need to call and make sure she`s ok. During that call the other hermanas called me with another emergency that I had to take care of.

The Lord knows me so well and He always knows what I need. I was suddenly not at all concerned with my own needs and 100% concerned with the sisters under my care.

Forget yourself. It`s the only way.

I was suddenly filled with peace and love for these sisters and all the other junk in my life didn`t matter (which really in real life, not inside my brain, my problems were insignificant, I just needed to be reminded of that.)

Also, there is a hippie convention outside my window every night and it`s the best because they play mystical recorder flute music with guitar during our nightly planning. Best. The hippies just rolled into town. I hope they stay here. They make life so much more amusing.

Also on the way to church we saw an alpaca and a dwarf horse dressed to the nines.

Life never ceases to be amusing. 🙂

So this Saturday we had a baptism of a nino (not our baptism because his parents are already members) so the branch was supposed to take care of it. During lunch we find out that the ward hasn`t done anything to prepare for the baptism. We spent the whole day running around getting everything put together! It “started” at 6. The next sentence is going to blow your mind. It blew my mind. THE BRANCH PRESIDENT SHOWED UP AT 7 TO DO THE BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW. WHAT THE. We were sitting there with our investigators (because we had hyped them for the baptism) for an hour waiting for him to show up.

Neither of those investigators showed up the next day. That was terrible. Not a proud moment in Virasoro.

But hey! We never said the people are perfect! The church is and it`s true! So hopefully we will be able to help our investigators see that and forgive the branch for the not super great experience. But for me the baptism was beautiful and I felt the Spirit. I think one of the investigators liked it even though it was a little, off.

But the best news of all is that NEXT WEEK WE HAVE A BAPTISM!!! We`ve been working with M. And this is going to blow your mind, but the baptismal date that we put with her the very first time we met her, she`s going to keep because she actually came to church every single week! Even with all the crazy conferences and everything!

She said that she wasn`t going to pray until she felt like she knew the church really well. So this last week we were like, ok, you`ve come to church twice, we`ve been teaching you everything, you`re reading the Book of Mormon, now it`s the time to pray and ask if it`s true!

So she did as James, and as Moroni and as all the prophets direct, and asked of God. And she felt something warm in her heart, she felt chills, and a peace that entered into her soul and stayed with her from that day until now telling her that THIS IS THE TRUE CHURCH OF GOD.

I am so stinking happy!

I know that if people sincerely ask of God they will receive an answer. I`ve received an answer, and so has M! Even though her Mom won`t even talk to her or look at her because she wants to join the Mormon church, it doesn`t matter to her, because she knows it`s what God wants her to do. She`s super great and I love her so much. And I am so happy for her!

But anyways, life is great and I`m super happy. The mission counsel was cool today, I learned a lot and I have a lot of repenting and improving to do, but I`m happy because I`m becoming a better teacher, a better student, a better follower of Christ. Maybe I can`t change from day to night, but I am progressing! And that`s enough!

Hey, I love you all! Until next week! (and in 2 weeks when we SKYPEEEEE!)
Hna Anderson

ps i know I that I`ve gotten to be super annoying at typing. It`s just really hard to only communicate with your family through letters and in a language that you are forgetting rapidly. rapidito. hehe



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