Tender Mercies

April 28, 2014 – Argentina
[In meetings this day, so no actual email. Received a photo of a journal entry from April 19.]

We studied in the morning and then I had interviews. I always learn so much from the girls in these interviews. I love these girls! I don’t know if they learn anything from me. But I like them a lot. Back in Virasoro, there’s no electricity. It went out last night and they said 3-5 days! What? At least they started pumping water so we’ll have water. But today was so great! We taught an investigator, M. It was a short and powerful lesson. We just taught her about prayer. Teaching simple, pure doctrine is so great! The Spirit was so present and testified of our words. When we just say the doctrine through the Spirit, and don’t impede Him through our own blabbing, it’s so much more powerful. So I’ve been looking for a small Bible for forever because I don’t want to lug around my very beautiful but very heavy Bible anymore. We met a new investigator whose Father was a member and she gave us a stack of books! It was great and there was a mini Bible! Ask and it shall be given! The Lord does these little things for me because He loves me so much.  Tender mercies! Also a member gave us a super yummy honey bread. 


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