May 12, 2014 – Argentina

Hna Anderson jammin' with the accordion

Hna Anderson jammin’ with the accordion

Hnas Averett & Anderson at accordion lessons

Hnas Averett & Anderson at accordion lessons

That`s what I did this morning. That`s right, accordion class! Whooooo! And guess what, I think we were definitely led by the Spirit because the teacher is super interested in the gospel and wants a Book of Mormon. Yes 🙂 It was the best. I learned a super groovy Peruvian song called Quiero ser tu sombra [I Want to be Your Shadow]. The man was super excited to teach me because I know music and stuff. It was funny. He`s spent his whole life teaching kids how to play and then I came in and he was like, you can find “fa” on the keyboard (tears of joy).

But yeah Skype yesterday was super fun! Sorry I had like no idea what to say to you guys! I guess I would rather just talk to you in real life. So much has happened I don`t even know where to start. That`s part of the problem. But I was just happy to see yàll! 🙂 And the next time we talk will be in person, in 7 months!! In December! yaaaa! I guess I`m just looking forward to that! The time goes super fast, but at the same time, I`ve still got a ways to go.

So Hna Averett is my new comp from Texas. She`s great! We hit it off super well. We like all of the same things! Same books, same music, movies, everything. And she has a great testimony! The Spanish is tough for her, but she`s getting it and I know she`ll get it down great 🙂 She speaks well already.

Hna Rawlins left to Paraguay! I`m super sad that she`s gone!

Hnas Anderson & Rawlins "crying" at parting

Hnas Anderson & Rawlins “crying” at parting

Don`t get me wrong, I`m super happy to be with Hna Averett as well. Hna Rawlins and I are just the best of friends! She was seriously the best as a companion and we`ll definitely be hanging out at BYU after the mish.

Hnas Rawlins & Anderson - Loyal, Strong and True (BYU)

Hnas Rawlins & Anderson – Loyal, Strong and True (BYU)

She just helped me become better, achieve the most happiest I`ve been on the mission. I feel like I`ve gotten to a really good point in my life. She really helped me relax and discover that I don`t need to be perfect, I can just be me and be happy about it! It was great. She really taught me so much and I`m super grateful for her.

So another thing, the Lord uses people in ways they don`t even know to bless other people’s lives. In Paraguay there was this sister who didn`t have any socks. She got here and realized that she wanted some, but you can`t buy them in Paraguay. At least not the good American type. So I gave her like half of my socks and we were both happy and with clean bugless feet. And then all the socks I had left started to rip and I was like stink. I guess this is what happens when you do a good deed. So I was almost sockless. And then Hna Rawlins was leaving and she has like a hundred socks, and she was like, here, have some socks.

Thinking about it now, it was such a little, little thing. They`re just socks. But I just felt like it was God telling me that He loves me and that He will take care of me on the mission. I just felt so good and so loved.

And that is why I no longer need you to send me socks.

Hna Rawlins doesn`t even know about it because she`s in Paraguay now.

I stinking love her!

But the past few days have been super great and I love working with Hna Averett!

Yesterday was super fun because we went to the hospital. Apparently if you don`t drink water, your body freaks out. Happened to my companion. I don`t suggest it! So now I`m going to be carrying a bottle of water and she`s going to drink it! You either drink it, or it gets put in you through an IV. Much preferable drinking. Don`t worry Mom, I drink like 3 to 5 liters in a day. More when it was super hot but now it`s not too bad.

Well life is pretty much same as usual. Can`t wait to get your package! I`m sending a letter home! Sorry I don`t really write anymore. There`s just not time. I`m seriously so dead. All the time.

We have one investigator, M who is super great! I`ve talked about her before. Well this week, to our surprise, her husband sat down to talk with us instead of hiding. What a miracle! They didn`t come to church this week, but one baby step at a time.

I love you guys! All of you! I hope that your life is good and I was happy to see you. This morning in my prayer, all I could say was, Thank you Father. I`ve been blessed more than I could possibly imagine or ask for. I have everything I could possible need or want. I`m so happy!

God is good.
Love, Hna Anderson




I'm wearing Hna Rawlins' beret. I want one too... All the old men wear them. It`s traditional. And super funny!

I’m wearing Hna Rawlins’ beret. I want one too… All the old men wear them. It`s traditional. And super funny!


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