this 72 year old man proposed

May 19, 2014 – Argentina

Dear Family,

I thank you for your letters, they are great. I accidentally pressed something so I can’t make exclamation points or smiley faces. Or commas. They turn out like this ª :?. [Mom fixed them for this post.] Oh well. Bear with me!

LeAnn: I think I`ll always still be Cami. Tried changing in college, didn`t stick. I kept forgetting 🙂 But Hermana me queda bien. I don`t know how to say that in English, like, “it goes well with me”. I`m used to it.

So this week was pretty great. Hna Averett was a little sick, but she got better. She feels happy, she’s not quite dead yet. 

So on Friday, this 72 year old man proposed marriage to me. We were doing contacts on our way to lunch, and clapped the door of one house and this old man comes out. Well hello there, howdayado! He was really excited to talk to us.

So the conversation started out talking about Jesus Christ and inviting him to church and to learn more, but then he starts talking about a horrible cattle accident that ended the life of his wife and left him crippled. He said that he lost his companion and that he’s looking for a new one, about 50 times.

Then he starts bragging about his HUGE TRACTS OF LAND and all of his cattle and his delicious milk that he just milked last night. He offered to fill up our water bottles with the MOST DELICIOUS MILK YOU’VE EVER HAD. And he kept saying like, you could share this beautiful life with me and have huge tracts of land and cattle. He just kept looking at me, and telling me all these things.

Yeah, no.

I told my companion she has to dye her hair blonder than mine so that everyone proposes marriage to HER. It’s really just whoever is blonder. That’s the determining factor.

So if I don’t come home from my mission mom, it’s because I decided to inherit huge tracts of land and cattle and marry a 72 year old man.

This one is for Sara. Pretty much every day is a black matches brown day. I have really fallen. I’ve become a sister missionary and I don’t know what style is anymore. But yesterday I had a brown outfit, and I was going to wear my brown shoes, but it was dark and I thought I grabbed my brown shoes, but they ended up being my black shoes just covered in so much mud I thought they were brown. Whoops. That’s on my to do list today. Clean all my shoes. I also very highly suggest mary jane shoes to every missionary in South America and no velcro because otherwise your shoes will get stuck in the mud and you won’t be able to move.

Another cool story, yesterday there was a soccer game, so that means everyone is inside their house and the only people outside are the missionaries. So we just wandered around trying to find houses that don’t have tvs. Don’t exist. Even the poorest people I know have a tv.

Anyways we were like, ok, there has to be ONE house in V that isn’t watching the game, and we’re going to find it! So we started walking. And we ended up in the rich neighborhood, which so far, no one has even bothered to open their door to us in the rich neighborhood. So we got to a T in the road and looked around. And Hna Averett says, where does our spiritual Liahona point? And we both looked at the same house. Really big, really beautiful. So we’re like, hey, what’s the worst that could happen? We’ll just tick off some rich people watching the game.

So we clapped and they actually came out! They were confused about who we were so they let us in. Since we were already inside they decided to listen. Their whole extended family ended up coming over for dinner and we shared a scripture with them, they LOVED it, and they want us to come back, when they aren’t having family dinner. How cool is that?

After the game when they won, everyone and their dog and their grandma gets in their car or their moto and drives around the whole town honking their horns, shooting off fireworks, dancing and yelling.

We hid. 

So our investigator, S, who is the best, happiest person I’ve ever met, came to church! She loved it and wants to get married and baptized! It probably won’t be a fast thing, but she’s on her way!

We also had some random guy that found us on the street and was like, “hey, I want to come to your church”, that came to church yesterday! That has never ever ever happened. Super blessed.

Also, our house flooded one day when we were out tracting. That was fun. There’s a picture of me cleaning it up. I bet in the states they get to do nightly planning every night. Some days we come home and we’re like, ok, guess we have to clean up this flood, or take care of some random problem that comes up. Someone is dying or something.

Mopping up the flood in our apartment

Mopping up the flood in our apartment

We also, just now placed a Book of Mormon with the accordion teacher. He was like, can I read this and then ask you guys questions?

Yeah, I think that’s ok!

Super great 

Trying to think of what else… Not much! Just life as usual on the mission. I love studying, I love teaching, I love being a missionary!

Love you all so much!
Hna Anderson

Ps I made 2 Monty Python references. Who caught them?

Wearing a new skirt a member made me

Wearing a new skirt a member made me


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